Edward ELRIC

Aka: Fullmetal Alchemist

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otakushru Apr 16, 2015

eduwardo eruriko!! :P ;> such a puny, funny, adorable, awesome guy!!

Michajel Apr 13, 2015

Probably the best shounen protagonist ever. He is smart (no, I didn't say small), funny, handsome, kind, has big charisma and they say he is also genius. But still he can be a big badass. There is no way you don't love him.

Kurugaya Mar 20, 2015

Best male lead in Shounen anime, and possibly all anime in general. <3

kiririn25 Mar 11, 2015

Should I really watch his anime? Is he really that short?

FlutterBOSS Mar 10, 2015

How can you NOT like Edward Elric?