Edward ELRIC

Aka: Fullmetal Alchemist

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TAPUKOKO Dec 19, 2016

best male ever!

Zechariah12 Nov 1, 2016

Best character of all time! I love is reaction when somebody is calling him short.

Edward14 Oct 28, 2016

Ed is awesome i love watching Fullmetal alchemist

Theotakusyko Sep 14, 2016

The best protagonist I have ever witnessed in Anime and along with he's just an amazing and brilliant character who's voiced by the great "Vic Mignogna" himself. 

Remember Ed "Size doesn't matter, your character and personality does."

Lefty Jun 1, 2016

Bad ass hathat he's es milf and he doesnt like that he's short... PLZ DONT HURT ME ED