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Edward ELRIC

Alt titles: Fullmetal Alchemist

Edward ELRIC image
Rank #2
Rank #493


Th3Laugh1ngMan avatar Th3Laugh1ngMan
Feb 20, 2014

When I started watching the original FMA, he did not seem much different from any other shonen protagonist. But episode 3 comes, and you learn about his backstory, which is truly how I got hooked onto the show (and later Brotherhood). He is smart, strong-willed, confident, cocky, and tries to act positive even when the worst of life hits him and that's makes him more real than most other characters. He's also one of the few characters that can be consistently hilarious without killing the show. Truly an outstanding character that doesn't get enough praise. My favorite anime protagonist!

default avatar Happymeal
Feb 18, 2014

He's a fun character, but the sappy "never give up" type stuff is getting tiring. Can't these underdog type animes think of anything better? On the upside, it does have a fantastic plot, but the brother's relationship was not intrguing. 

ninapudding avatar ninapudding
Jan 18, 2014

One of the most likeable characters ever 

yoyomaieggroll avatar yoyomaieggroll
Aug 15, 2013

I think it's amazing how this character who's done and seen so many dark things can still be so relatable and likeable. I think it's mostly because his motivations are so understandable. FMA remains my favorite anime mostly due to this character here. 

FullmetalHeart1 avatar FullmetalHeart1
Jun 13, 2013

Edward has an awesome design my number one Anime character and I'm proud of it!

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