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snowsarah3 Feb 26, 2016

This Guy is hi·lar·i·ous!

RavenousSpectre97 Dec 8, 2015

Don't understand why so many people he was one of the better characters look at all the characters introduced into the bount arc they're all awful and almost every character from every filler was terrible

llVIU Oct 7, 2012

I look at him and ask myself "is this guy still alive?" but come on, he helped some people get away with their lives... or at least he tried, he's probably the best sell-out character I've ever seen. Then again, that's like saying the shit that I took yesterday is better than the shit I took today

Angelsnecropolis Nov 28, 2011

2nd Worst character ever. Excalibur being 1st.

kuba1908 Sep 10, 2011

haha funny guy :D