Death The Kid

Aka: Kid

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Athelstan says...

This guy is a fucking badass that's all I need to say about him xD

Like not only is what he can do awesome, he looks awesome while he does it (although the whole holding Liz and Patty upside down thing is horrid xD)

Sep 17, 2015
dianalarahoran says...

He's my favourite character in the whole show.. i mean, his symmetry ocd is so damn kawaii.. 

Sep 6, 2015
SeprithLiCastia says...

The best reason to watch Soul Eater.

Aug 11, 2015
ToxicWaste says...

Thanks to this guy my ocd level is now 100

Jul 20, 2015
Myoki143 says...

Somehow his 'perfect symmetry' thing is adorable.

Jun 14, 2015