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Death The Kid

Alt titles: Kid

Death The Kid image
Rank #12
Rank #446


GematriA avatar GematriA
Feb 7, 2014

it's perfect symmetry

XcanaXalberona avatar XcanaXalberona
Feb 5, 2014

His picture isn't symmetrical O.O I'm completely shocked and appaled by the audacity of the person who chose that picture. It fact, practically nothing on this site is symmetrical Dx

poppylou avatar poppylou
Jul 25, 2013

death the kid is so awesome :3

RangerInDisguise avatar RangerInDisguise
Jun 12, 2013

Seriously. whats not to love? KID IS AWESOME!!!

Kenji666 avatar Kenji666
Oct 28, 2012

I am shocked and appaled Kid has even one hate, much less 270. Obvious trolls, opinions be damned.

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