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SherlockedKhadz says...

Its cause of him Itachi dies!!! I used to like Sasuke but then he had to avenge his clan and turn into a power hungry maniac....and it happens cos of DANZO!

Mar 3, 2015
SynRG says...

Another Villian that gets the "d*ck of the year" award. Every flashback I see involving this guy just makes me hate him more and more. I don't care if he truly has protecting the village in his heart, he's just an angry little man and has absolutely NOTHING up on Madara, who is an ultimate villian with an awesome personality.

Dec 8, 2014
BleachSta4Ever says...

Honestly I don't see why this guy isn't the #1 most hated guy instead of Sasuke Uchiha like wow blame the normal one for wanting power but don't blame the psychopath for being totally f'ed up like wow people really don't use their heads :( very sad to see

Jul 18, 2014
Zeltomation1 says...

This guy is F****d up and most of the bad thingsthat happened in naruto e.g. Uchiha clan, Itachi becoming bad, shusui dying ect was all his fault!!!!!!!

Thanks sasuke for killing him ;)

But he should have been tortured and more.

Jun 7, 2014
Portgas says...

One of the most despicable characters in the history of anime.This selfish bastard is responsible for so many fcked up things in Naruto!R.I.P Uchiha Clan... 

Apr 10, 2014