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deideiblueeyez says...

This man right here should be the most hated character on this site. His ideology is one that would naturally allow for war to continue and for people to continuously suffer because that's what shinobi are trained to be and that is what their jobs are. If everyone were to stop fighting then their meaning in life would be lost, almost. He thinks he has people figured out, that people are inherently prone to evil and he feels that he is doing the Leaf a service by coercing the country to always be on guard because of HIS SCREW-UPS. His war-hawk mentality facillitates conflict because it anticipates it and plans accordingly. It does not accept the idea that a foreign group would ever want anything other than domination of another. So screw his selfish, soulless Machiavellianism. This kind of man exists in real life! And what's worse, he may actually be in a political position!!

Mar 25, 2016
Epimondas says...

Eewww!!! What person in their right mind has something like that embedded in their arms?  Not to mention, wouldn't they get poked out from regular use of his arms?  That kind of borders on so ridiculous as to be just silly.  His general Dahmer like obsession with disecting people and taking their body parts is also very gross.  He is almost as much of a scumbag backstabber as Sasuke, but at least in his case, he was that way from the get go and you could tell he never had any sense of friendship or desire to pretect the village.  How can he honestly profess that when he himself is far mor a danger to the village than Orochimaru at his best?  When you get the feeling the villageers and Leaf shinobi would rather join the enemy than support Danzo, you just no he isn't any good.  He is like a case of the cure is worse the the disease.  From watching the series, I saw him betray the village and it's prnicples at least 3 times (To Hiddin in the Rain, Orochimarui, and the real reason behind the Uchiha annihilation).

Feb 18, 2016
closetanimefan says...

I love that I hate this character. I thought he was well develped enough so that I understood why he was so evil and hated him for it anyway. I think that is the mark of a great villian character, for them to have relatable motives and be hatful anyway.

Dec 22, 2015
Gameranimedude78 says...

I once thought that Danzo was the good guy, but after finding out the he is cold and ruthless & that he is was responible for having the entire Uchiha killed; I would have to say that he is evil.

Oct 19, 2015
KingOfGreed says...

I have to say he killed one of my favourite character Shisui Uchiha but I gotta admit his power is pretty awesome.I mean he can bind reality and illusion for 1 minute each eye also known as Izanagi man his arm is freaking awesome

Sep 8, 2015