Aka: The Queen's Guard Dog, Smile

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SonicSeedrian Feb 20, 2017

Piece of shit. I love him.

yullev Oct 22, 2016

The only reason people hate him is because they think hes a "brat" or, he lost his parents (and dog) and house in a flash then was a victim of abuse until he called for sebs, so no wonder hes a bitch, he deserves BETTER 

I love my baby, hes an angel

avatheawesome1 Sep 5, 2016

Personally, I love Ciel because he looks so innocent, but he's a little demon inside. The way he's so manipulative and harsh is what really draws me to his character.

(It may seem a little weird, but I have a fetish for anime characters who look innocent but are actually kind of dark like, Nagisa from Assasination Classroom and Ciel and Gon from Hunter x Hunter)

catomicatomica Aug 27, 2016

Not just because he's "cute" but because this kid actually knows his shit. 

Loveanime66 Jul 1, 2016

He sooooooooooo cute💟💟