Aka: Smile, The Queen's Guard Dog

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jupiter104 says...

Ciel is a boy living who had a harsh past, he is extremly intellgant,but in my eyes acts quite babyish. He knows that he will one day have his soul taken although he shows no fear of that

Nov 7, 2015
AmandaP says...


Oct 19, 2015
dianalarahoran says...

How could you not love Bocchan?

Oct 3, 2015
KyokoMagica42 says...

Can someone add the "Sweet Tooth" tag? He would fit into that category perfectly, though he is naturally quite tactful about it.

Sep 19, 2015
Kuroneko1316 says...

sooooooo damn cute <3 he had such a sad life... ;(

AND HIS BUTLER IS SEBBYCHAN! that alone makes him awesome. unlike alois. who has creepy claude.

Sep 13, 2015