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Anonymous0 Sep 17, 2012

C.C <3<3

My most  favourite Female character ever.<3

cleodux Jan 27, 2012

@ArtemisDay: At time i want to punch her in the face too. Looks like i am not the only one who think like that.

I love Code Geass, and i think Lulu is more awesome without C.C honestly she is the one who bring down Zero. I don't care how many times she saved him, in my opinion if C.C is not there, other people can save Lulu's butt in time. 

Yes she was the one who give him the Geass, thats it, everything else is painful to watch her. 

pereztaastic Jan 8, 2012

She does look like amber from darker than black and i like her and her pizza obsession. :D C.C. is awesome and pretty.

JJR1971 Jun 18, 2011

Mysterious, ageless witch that is the source of Zero's Geass abilities.  She is viewed (incorrectly) by the masses as Zero's mistress, though for a long time she is the only character to have kissed Lulu/Zero...and she does give some nice fanservice throughout the show.  She saves Zero's bacon more than once and is pretty awesome.

She's identified as "C2" in English since "C.C." is NOT a strange name in English, it's short for Cecilia.


SolaVandread May 13, 2011

One of my favorite female characters.