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ShatteredAngel avatar ShatteredAngel
Apr 6, 2011

In my opinion, C.C. is a brilliant character, particularly in season 1. Despite acting a bit like a stoic moderator, attempting to keep Lelouch's emotions in check, she doesn't reach the point of becoming obnoxious. Despite concealing it through a rather soft psuedo-monotone, she is quite an emotional character, with a rapier wit and is perfectly willing to call Lelouch out when she feels he deserves it.

She has a fascinating backstory, although it's so interesting and complex that it would be a waste to spoil it. The mystery of her past is a subplot that lurks through both seasons, and her interactions with the rest of the cast always prove interesting.

She is constantly used as a deus ex machina, but this actually never really bothered me. It always made SENSE for her to act as she did, her powers were not impossible enough to strain one's suspension of disbelief, and her intervention never seemed impossible.

In R2, when she becomes more and more associated with the Black Knights, she loses that sense of neutrality present in Season 1. However, she's still a very interesting character, who in my opinion deserved more attention than she got. The series would not have been possible without C.C., and she is simply irreplacable.


Kuon avatar Kuon
Jan 30, 2011
mentalstatic avatar mentalstatic
Nov 29, 2010

abit boring. she doesn't really do anything, others shine way more than her

Mirvra avatar Mirvra
Nov 29, 2010

Wonderful Character ^^

MATTx2 avatar MATTx2
Jul 25, 2010

The best, MELAFO

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