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Poiuw Jan 14, 2016

She just wanted to observe what will happen, that's why she seems to be useless. As an immortal that might actually be some kind of entertainment. By-product is that she fell in love with Lelouch. :)

KisaraBear Sep 7, 2015

Without her, there'd be no Code Geass, no Lelouch, etc. So you should thank her even if she's not one of your favorite characters.

Also, her love of pizza is shared by me. <3

BlancaXLobo Jun 10, 2015

C.C is not useful. In fact, without her, Lelouch would have been captured too soon

kiririn25 Mar 24, 2015

She deserves all of these love. Without her there would be no show. No Lelouch either (Cause he would end up dying in the first episode)

eleuin Nov 23, 2014

i can definitely relate to her love of pizza