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taesko Nov 12, 2016

I was reading some of the comments and got suprised there were some people calling her "useless". She easily kickstarted the whole story - not only by giving Lelouch geass(he was going to oppose Britannia anyway but this got him to do it much sooner and probably in a much different way then he imagined) but also the shenanigans around Marianne, Charles and V.V. seem to be much connected to her(she was the old leader of that geass investigation organization) even though it is unclear how. Aside from that she saved Lelouch's ass numerous times when he was in the worst of trouble - particularly when he got over confident early on and later when Nunally started to get involved.

What I personally enjoy is that her age shows and a lot. Her being a bitch to people and ultimately having "forgotten kindness a long time ago" is very in line with what she has experienced. She is similar in Ryuk from Death Note in the regard that they both play a neutral role and often shower the MC with hard questions and critique. In the same time though she gets "involved" and starts developing feelings(romantic or not) for Lelouch, since while he is cold to her he is also shown her more kindness and care than anyone else.

Best part of her(no pervy thoughts here) is how she transitions from being sick of life to nervosness from losing and finally hapiness after winning. She essentially overcame the thing she thought to be the biggest punishment in the world.

silviepie Sep 3, 2016

C.C. is a very unique character and I love her for it. She is cool, elegant and complex at the same time.

Alquds98 Aug 8, 2016

CC is usefully the only reason Lelouch is alive and able to win is due to her gifting the ability to him. Sure she is kind of pointless afterwards but this conflict does not even involve her. But she still helps Lelouch out. As a character she is cool.

PoisonGenius Apr 28, 2016

Until this very moment, C.C still remains as one of the most impressive and dynamic female leads that I have ever encountered, although she doesn't have to do much to gain that title. Some people complain about her do-nothing-at-all-yet-still-have-high ranking, but to be honest, I personally think she is God of Death Ryuk in Code Geass version. Her duty is to observe from afar, since the conflicts between Lelouch and Britannia doesn't really have anything to do with her. For God's sake, she isn't even Britannian or Japanese, so fighting for or against Lelouch is NOT her responsibility. If Ryuk does nothing at all in the series (except hanging above Light's head, eating apples, giving off random comments) and still gains much popularity here in animeplanet, then you guys should expect the same results in C.C.'s case - who actually still plays a far more important role in Code Geass than Ryuk does in Death Note.

She is not a teenage girl with family issue or a schoolgirl with a childish crush, so don't expect her to act like one. Considering her age (700 years old) and life experience, the indifference and neutrality she expresses throughout the series is reasonable and logical: when you have already witnessed every kind of disasters on Earth then nothing could surprise you anymore. Saying she's boring and useless means that you don't understand her personality at all.

Lulu16041604 Apr 27, 2016

She is so stupid and i dont understand why she is even ranked so high in best females list, she IS NOT BEAUTIFUL, SHE IS VERY UGLY. Kallen is much hotter than her . I guess people are found to her just of her cold personality that disgust me so much, and she pretend like she doesent care for everyone. Very ugly and useless character , just to fill the plot, thats all.she only talks does nothing but eating like a fat moron. Im rreally proud of lelouch for not going crazy with her in house, she never cleans herself , she smells like cheese and garbage, she wastes all that money and in the end she doesent give a damn for you. Try to have one like her in your house. I bet for one week you would go for hospital. There are more character much funnier , hotter, smarter , badass, and much powerful than her. Just a normal girl with mental problems and for her mental problems people are putting her as a unique character , ugh , i call that craziness and laziness. She has ugly hair that looks in her forward like she is wearing a plate painted with green , in the entire anime history ive never seen such a useless character . Maybe if she was a secondary character , she would be much lower on the list. THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUTH HERE, THAT UGLY BITCH GOT HER POPULARITY ONLY FROM THE SHOW THAT CAME OUT A SUCCESSFUL ANIME AND FROM LELOUCH. THE UGLIEST CHARACTER EVER CREATED.