Aka: Marshall D. TEACH

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LordGeovanni Sep 17, 2016

Black beard is Luffy if he was slighty smarter and willing to admit he will kill people outside of blind rage. The ammount of marine ships luffy mashes to bits he should be stacking casualties high

Alphashonen Sep 13, 2016

he killed one person and everybody hate him unlike itachi he slaughtered the whole uchiha clan and no one hate him .. i didn't find any convincing reason to hate blackbeard so far .. that's my opinion

OwlsMelody Feb 3, 2016

Blackbeard sucks if he didnt have his devil fruit he'd be weak

Hypo Jan 3, 2016


MrValgard Nov 28, 2015

how he is more hatred than donflamingo.. comone donflamingo murder countless innocent civilis, blackbeard dont hurt when he dont have to... he is more like lufy, belive in dreams only he's methods are less "good" more like belive in right of stronger (and he honor that, dont plotting conspiracies, dont destroy people strength of spirit, he challenges to overcome him, and at the same time he endeavor to power - all ways possible) definitely likeable villain