Aka: Benibara-sama

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Sachiko1987 says...


Jun 25, 2016
Drastica says...

She's really attractive, but she also needs to realize that she can't just force her ideals on other people without regard for what they want. If she'd calm down she could be a great character, but she's just too overbearing.

Feb 2, 2016
TheTsundereGirl says...

I don't hate her because shes a lesbian (I'm Bi) or because shes a feminist.

No, I hate her because shes a BAD feminist. I am a feminist and she gives us all a bad name. REAL feminism is about equality between ALL genders; not just male and female but Demigendered, Aeagendered ect. So please people don't hate her for being a feminist, because she isn't one (I believe she falls into the straw feminist trope). Hate her for being annoying, demanding, b*tchy, stuck up and rude.

Oct 9, 2015
FlutterBOSS says...

Hooooly crap. So irritating. 

Mar 21, 2015
Chiibi says...

I seriously got pissed off every time she was on screen which was thankfully, not many times. SHE'S SO ANNOYING not to mention a FUGLY MAN-WOMAN. XD

Nov 24, 2011