Aka: Flash

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M0M0I Aug 22, 2016

she would've have been amazing and ultimate waifu if she stayed the dark, cool, and mysterious character she was when first introduced.

after she fell in love with kirito, she became a worthless damsel in distress.

fuck that trope

cellograce533 Aug 8, 2016

She was a cool character at first but after the romance started and she and Kirito married she started to become a typical damsel in distress. And I hate tsunderes.

Keoasuno Jul 14, 2016

My favourite female character and I love her a lot ♡♡♡

MortenFromHell Jun 28, 2016

Well in the first season Asuna wasn't that useless, she was actually kinda badass. But when it turned into a harem anime, she did just become useless AF. I liked her in the first season but really? Why did they ruin the anime? (╥_╥)

TheIceQueen Jun 21, 2016

She's an awful, boring, useless, and obnoxius, but istill like her.