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Alt titles: Flash

Asuna YUUKI image
Rank #36
Rank #412


XxMicrochibixX avatar XxMicrochibixX
Feb 15, 2014

She's so pretty ^w^

default avatar jomarix
Jan 15, 2014

i love sword art online <3

default avatar otakumyselfanime
Jan 10, 2014

Even though Asuna is a Tsundere, but she is so awesome at using the Rapier I can't even hate her. She's not that annoying at least. when she's with Kirito, this couple is so overpowered!!!!!!!!

moontiara avatar moontiara
Jan 8, 2014

This GIRL!!!

ok she and kirito was a cute couple <3

Inga avatar Inga
Dec 31, 2013

Generic Mary Sue with absolutely zero personality.

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