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lapis says...

Okay, so I honestly cannot stand Asuna. I mean, she was a great character and could kick butt, but I feel as though after she got married to Kirito, she started to become a damsel in distress and seemed helpless. It really ticked me off because she was such a good character, but then she got clingy to Kirito and kept relying on him to save her from eerything.

Mar 14, 2015
sincity2100 says...

She's actually is my favorite anime girl character,I loved her personality,it's fresh to see a strong heroine character that can fight and not being a typical damsel in distress,I always loved her relationship with Kirito,even though I'm not a romantic person and I'm not on the romance stuff but I actually loved them together.

however I became disenfranchised with the whole ALO,it was a pure garbage script and it's the worst anime I've seen in my entire life,who is the rocket scientist who thought of turning a likable strong Heroine to a freaking "Princess Peach" crap,and I don't understand why you would replace her with some stupid steriotypes like Leafa and Sinon "I'm sorry Sinon fans but I must rip that apart" It looks like we got something that actually good from the first arc and then here comes the ALO part where everything was forced and was screeming bullshit in the beginning of the script,and the whole script made me want to vomit badly,I'm willing to hug joel schumacher's"Batman and Robin" 10,000 times over watching this crap

If I was the one who is in charge of that script I would throw the ALO crap and everything comes after it to the trash and focus entirely on the first arc and give Asuna more time to show her character development and her skill,emphisis her relationship with Kirito, I'll put the Aincrad chapter into 24 episodes or finish at episode 14,and I'll give the audience the happy ending where they finally meet first time in the real world,not necessary make them get married in the final episode,but give them an indication that they will eventually,and I can assure you that nobody who sees it first time such as myself actually pissed,surely some of the light novel fans wouldn't like it,but this will be much pleasable and much better,also I want the anime to be a PG rating and not having an Adult content,because they fit that rating

Jan 19, 2015
Clain says...

Please, spirit of anime, protect these children from more NTR dj. 

Jan 18, 2015
jjasonrev says...

Has potential to be good netorare heroine material, iykwim.

Dec 13, 2014
ShanaUnite says...

She is cute i guess. The whole Asuna being kidnapped part was kinda unnecessary though.

Sep 11, 2014