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Discontent says...

@ ChaoticSilence; Yeah, that's the only reason. Not like people have genuine complaints about it or anything, nope, can't be that. That would just be too logical, right?

Jun 13, 2014
ChaoticSilence says...

LOL the only reason people hate this anime is because it's so popular! If it had 50,000 members on MAL, reviewers would be handing out 10s like crazy. It's like AOT in a way.

May 5, 2014
itsvesper says...

I liked Kirito and Asuna's coming together, but realistically, the one thing that annoyed me is we never actually see any of Asuna's strength. As the second-in-command of the Nights Of The Blood Oath, she's a damned strong player. And she has the strong personality to go through with it. So why is the only time we see any combat with the soldiers who are pestering the kids? I mean, she could be counted as the third most powerful player in all of SAO, and arguably one of the best in ALO (if she didn't have the disadvantage of being in a prison). Why aren't we seeing any of this power?

I loved the anime, it was great. Heart-warming and tear-jerking at the same time. But i feel like they could have at least done a little more with Asuna...

Apr 30, 2014
puredemonfighter88 says...

Asuna was destined to be with Kirito. As long she and Kirito are together, there is nothing they can't do. His strength is what she lacks, he's got her back, and she has his. She admits that she wants to always be with Kirito.

Apr 29, 2014
LadyKitsune says...

I literally cannot describe how despicable this character was (in my opinion anyways). Absolutely no personality, utterly stupid and cliche, supposedly "beautiful" (isn't), a "tsundere" (just completely retarded), overdone and overused, and a generic Mary Sue. Someone please shank Kawahara for making such an insanely bland character. 

Apr 4, 2014