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ZeldaOfHyrule says...

She was okay at first, but idk, I just find her really boring. Nothing about her character was really that interesting to me. I don't think she is a mary sue, I just find her kind of overrated. 

May 21, 2015
FeelyFeel says...

People call her Mary Sue during the ALO arc, but in all honesty what could she do? She was trapped in a cage by the head master, Douchebag Sugou who could have done anything she wanted with her, if she disobeyed his orders.

Keep in mind, he trapped some people after people were logging out of Aincard, Asuna being one of them, and since he was in control of their emotions, who knows what that sick pedophile would have done. All she could do was wait, but I wish she gave up more of a fight, but was unlikely, since he also set her stats to 0, meaning she COULDN'T do jack shit.

May 9, 2015
Aniplex says...

i hate it how asuna does not fight as much as she use to

Apr 23, 2015
mdsg10 says...

i did like her on the beginning, she was a badass... but when kirito and her got married they both got too intense on the romance, it was too dramatic and kind of missed the point of the plot :) she is cool though...

Apr 2, 2015
lapis says...

Okay, so I honestly cannot stand Asuna. I mean, she was a great character and could kick butt, but I feel as though after she got married to Kirito, she started to become a damsel in distress and seemed helpless. It really ticked me off because she was such a good character, but then she got clingy to Kirito and kept relying on him to save her from eerything.

Mar 14, 2015