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NaRayquaza Jan 13, 2017

Haters gonna hate, right? Lol.

I'm not a fan, absolutely not a fan of Asuna. At first I like her, I mean, she wasn't a dick, her (japanese) voice is not bad too, but SAO games, especially Hollow Fragment, made me hate her. She is ALWAYS there, because she NEEDS to annoy Kirito. A bug makes clothes disappears? It's Kirito's fault. Strea sits on Kirito's leg? It's Kirito's fault, Strea instead received a cook lesson because she was a good person. Klein has a book with women in swimsuit and give it to Kirito? It's Kirito's fault.

Seriously, FUCK THIS SHIT.

Anyway she was more likeable at first, not because now she is a damesell in distress, then that Kawahara j*rk wanted to make some serious matters and made her die with Heathcliff. But, lolnope, she never died in the end. Again, she was trapped in ALO. At least she wasn't randomly chosed by unluck, since that crazy moron picked her up from SAO to molest her.

I'm not saying she must have died, I'm saying that critical matters like this "normally" ends in one of the main characters dies. But, I'll never get tired of saying this, SAO was born from an hikikomori fantasy, so this kind of shit happens, sadly.

I still like SAO though.

M0M0I Nov 26, 2016

she is disgustinggg pls kys

Yuniversal Oct 5, 2016

She's just there... but she's not offensively bad imo

Theotakusyko Sep 14, 2016

The best SAO character out of all along with Sinon and Zekken (Konno Yuuki.) 

She's one of my favourite female characters.