Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #196
Rank #833

Asuma is the son of the Third Hokage and uncle to Konohamaru. He is a jounin shinobi who leads Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino in Team Asuma. Asuma is generally quite laid back and gets on well with all of his students, but spends a lot of time with Shikamaru in particular; the pair often plays shogi together, though Asuma has never beaten him in a game. In battle Asuma tends to use a combination of taijutsu and chakra infused blades.

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Anime Roles

Narutimate Hero 3 OVA Secondary
Naruto Secondary
Naruto: Konoha Sports Festival Minor
Naruto Shippuden Secondary
Naruto Shippuden Movie 3: Hi no Ishi o Tsugu Mono Minor
Naruto Shippuden Movie 4: The Lost Tower Minor

Manga Roles

Naruto Secondary
Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Minor

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candylover246 says...

LOL @SmokedAsuma. XD You're right tho.

R.I.P. Asuma-sensei~ We will all miss you forever. V_V

Mar 9, 2016
Epimondas says...

His combat scene against the two akatsuki was agonizing to watch both in how long it took them to recognize the circle and the fact they never tried to do the most plain as day obvious thing, damage the circle.  Here I thought, Shikamaru was supposed to be smart.  His actions his fight put a great deal of doubt upon his so called genius.  Even though there were several opportunities to deal with the biggest threat, no one ever seems to have thought of it despite it being the most obvious thing to do.  As a character, he was perhaps the only master wind chakra user in the Leaf village.  He was the son of the third and had one of the most calm, soft spoken, and most difficult to rile personalities.  He provided a great balance to the cast of characters that seemed dominated by so many action first type thinkers despite how some of them pretend they are.  His romance with another teacher is another endearing dramatic element to his character.  However, he was supposedly also somewhat of a strategic thinker and he failed to recognize the most obvious action.  Even if it would not have worked, it should have been the first thing tried as pushing him out of the circle was only a temporary solution. 

I get the feeling this epsiode was rushed or forced which might explain the sad plot hole descrepencies in it regarding two of the smartest and most tactical thinkers in the series.  Bad move on the studio's part.  This should have been a much better fight.  Even if he is destined to lose, I should think they could have found a far better and much more fitting way to accomplish that.

Feb 14, 2016
PurpleCatAngel says...

R.I.P Asuma:(

Nov 29, 2015
SmokedAsuma says...

The best underappreciated Naruto character, guess some just can't handle the manliness and true strength.

Aug 2, 2015
ArisaY12 says...

(Spoiler ahead) Still can't get over his death :'(

Jan 31, 2015