Aka: Satoshi

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nekosamanao says...

he should evolve his gible like seriously

Dec 1, 2016
silviepie says...

Sorry Ash, I don't hate you, I'm just bored of you. Why don't you ever get any smarter??

Sep 3, 2016
randomguy87 says...

After the travesty of the Kalos League, I decided to take off my hate out of pity. I'll leave it at that before turning it into a full blown rant toward the writers and any fans defending this crap.

Aug 23, 2016
XXxCoconutMamixX says...


tbh I'm reading through the hate comments and most of you guys are like "oh, he's dimwitted" or "oh, he's been 10 for like 20 years" but tbh, of course he's not the smartest, he's TEN YEARS OLD lol. Secondly, why would you want pokemon to end??? Why????? I mean there's never gonna be anything like the original where we "guess that pokemon" or recite the raps haha, but I dunno, in my oppinion I don't want it to end :,)

Jun 4, 2016
Raien says...

So now it's finally time to let out my rage on this jerk. So, let's go back to the first few episodes, shall we? 

Remember how Ash got his Charmander? *SPOILER* Yeah, he found it abandoned in the rain. Some guy left Charmander there because he considered it too weak or something like that. Of course our "hero" Ash tells the guy off and then takes the pokémon with him. Thigns like this happen a lot throughout the series. But there's another thing that also happens a lot: Ash abandons his pokémons!

So here we have the guy, aspiring to become some kind of pokémon master. In the original pokémon games it'd just take a few days to become the "pokémon master", but this guy's been at it for like 20 years, without growing up in the least. The only two friends he has are Brock and Pikachu, who've been following him since the beginning. All his other pokémon, he'd befriend and use for a while, only to later place them in some PC box forever and never use again when he's gonna go to the next place. 

I have a tip for this guy: if you want to be the "pokémon master", how about you start by KEEPING your strong pokémon and not throw them away once they've actually become decently strong, or at least EVOLVE THAT PIKACHU! IT DOESN'T TURN INTO ANOTHER PERSON OR SOMETHING, IT JUST GETS STRONGER!!

So yeah. This spoiled kid needed these complaints. Too bad he can't hear them.

May 3, 2016