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Ash KETCHUM main image

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GustavoGurren says...


Nov 15, 2015
Dill94007 says...

Ash is never going to become a Pokemon Master unless they want a new protagonist for the Pokemon series. Other than that, always going to stay 10 and he is never going back to how he was in the original -.- 

Nov 8, 2015
Axelmoon says...

Could he just hurry up and become a Pokemon Master already? How many years have we been waiting?? I swear to god. 

Oct 12, 2015
PinkFlurry says...

Pokemon is cool!:0:)

Sep 2, 2015
Haeringkun says...

I like the old Ash Ketchum, from Indigo and Johto leagues, but with the Ash Ketchum of today....the other way around. I´ll stick with the nostalgia and love this character, but man is the new Ash (and Pokemon in general) so shitheaded.

Jul 14, 2015