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randomguy87 Apr 7, 2017

Rusty just became one of the Elite 4. Rusty became a champ before Ash, lol. Wake me when Ash finally wins. Even the Cubs ended their title drought and Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar...

ectoBiologist15YT Mar 22, 2017

Because somehow Red (Pokémon Origins) managed to beat the Pokédex, become the Pokémon Champion, SOME MORE AFTER THAT, in FOUR F*CKING EPISODES, Ash hasn't even done it within the F*CKING 276 EPISODES THAT THE F*CKING SHOW HAS

10/10 - Would hate on again

raidpirate52 Jan 9, 2017

Sure he's had his ups and downs but I could just never hate Ash. I certainly prefer his original series and Advanced series self though. Thought he got too flat in Diamond and Pearl and too stupid in Black and White and a bit boring, but better in XY. Still good enough to vote love. If Pokemon weren't basically a commercial, I would've loved to actually see him succeed. 

Gameranimedude78 Jan 7, 2017

Ash Ketchum is the best character. There are times he can be reckless and brash, but he is a good person with a lot of heart. He is kind, caring, selfless, smart, friendly, and a leader. He is not selfish nor arrogant. I know he will be a Pokemon Master soon. He never gives up even when things don't go well. He cares and loves his family, friends, and Pokemon. He and Pikachu are great best friends along with Greninja, Brock, and Misty. Ash and Serena would be a great couple. For Misty, May, Dawn, Iris, Mallow, Lana, and Lillie, they are just friends only. Max, Cilian, and Clemont, and Bonnie, Kiawe, and Sophocles are great friends to Ash as well.

EveLeech Dec 5, 2016


He may be kinda stupid and childish sometimes, but you CANNOT DENY he has a huge heart towards humans and Pokemon alike!

He may have not won a Pokemon League in 20+ years, but he still helped save the world from the bad guys!