Aka: Baka-chi, Amin

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blue
Rank #267
Rank #267

Tall, beautiful, and mature, Yuukasu's childhood friend Ami is already a working model. Her cool manner and fashion sense make her instantly popular when she transfers in, but due to her friendship with Yuusaku, she falls in with Ryuuji and the gang. Used to getting her way, she can be equal parts friendly and cruel, but mostly just wants people to see her for who she is, not who she pretends to be.

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Anime Roles

Okami-san & Her Seven Companions Minor Non-Speaking Role
Toradora! Secondary
Toradora SOS! Main
Toradora! Special Secondary

Manga Roles

Toradora! Secondary
Toradora! (Light Novel) Secondary
Toradora Spin-off! (Light Novel) Secondary

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Epimondas Nov 6, 2016

She is probably the most unique, original, and realistically human character I have seen in most anime if not all.  She puts on a front while hiding her vulnerable insecure side layered within her split personality act.  Minori is a bit of a self centered hyperactive clueless woman.  Taiga acts more like a spiteful annoying and at times bullying sister than any sort of potential love interest.  So she stands out among all the ladies of Toradora.

Jaderaven Jul 4, 2016

Easily the best girl, best character even in the show. Dynamic, unique and mature. Though I would have liked to see her with takasu, I'm not sure it would have been for the best, and what's really interesting is how she even realizes that. He had to end up with taiga, and both her and minori ended up hurt because they didn't take her advice.

On a side note, I definitely have Minori/Ami as head canon now. Go from enemies to lovers, a real change of heart which fits the theme of the series well, and it would tie it up so no one is left heartbroken(assuming kitamura follows the president). There were already hints about minori's sexuality, and I really love the way the two interact, especially near the end.

Schmaggen Jun 9, 2016

i dont know if i hate her or not. she is a good person and wants the best for takasu. but she makes annoying remarks to other characters and thinks she is better than everyone. f<a∞a>r from the best character though in my book.

Swagsklave Mar 28, 2016

I rly love her!! She is a really good person!

davidc1224 Feb 2, 2016

Best girl in Toradora, she deserves better boi than all of the cast tbh :v