Aka: The Earth King

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HarukaAyame Dec 9, 2015

pffhaha I loved his broccoli hair xD

emiliethedemon1212 Sep 5, 2015

i like him better the rin.

BlueDemon527 Jun 10, 2015

Not a bad character but Rin's better... -w-

Michajel Apr 13, 2015

Sorry to say that but he didn't die. He has turned to the hamster and is with Mephisto.

I am not really sure that I like this guy, he tries to hurt Rin all the time and that's pain in my ass but on the other side he has character and is quite funny too. Why not, thumb up. But don't you dare to piss me off!

DoodlebugFour Dec 13, 2014

overrated d-bag, im glad he dies horribly.