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poseidus says...

Best thing about Alucard is that he gets shit done. He ain't messin around, he's either after your head or he's after your head. Whenever I get disappointed with all these new generation vampire romance craps (twillight, vampire diaries, owari..ughhh), I go back and read all the volumes that I own to remind myself that there is this glorious monster. 

Sep 24, 2015
ArimaKishou says...

The one and only,Alucard,the badass among vampires.

Jul 19, 2015
PandaBear87 says...

Two words:


Jul 14, 2015
deltanine says...

Ultimate badassery!  Alucard, you rock!

May 31, 2015
Fangwolf4 says...

Follow him on Twitter @TheCrimsonFuckr

Mar 14, 2015