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galebuzz88 Sep 9, 2016

I did some analizing on Alcuard's character to find out is he a good guy or bad guy.  I mean, obviously he comes off as the bad guy we all love, but there is a soft side to him dispite his ruthless, awesome 'badassery'.  After watching the entire show you start to realize that his means for being the way he is, is primal to his survival and all that he holds to protect.  But really, Alcurad is what makes the show, I kept waiting and waiting for the next scene about him.  Anything that revealed parts of personality or him fighting with his cool unbreakable composure.  So far, he is my all-time favorite character in anime.

Freaxxshow Jul 20, 2016

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filorlov Jun 2, 2016

The most remarkable about Alucard is not his bloodthirst or mercilessness or sadism. 

The BIG THING is... Every single rule he follows (including his ethical behavior) was actually made up by himself for himself. It's like when your mightiness gets so f**king high that you have to get yourself chained just not to lose the interest of life! 

That seems to be a very specific joke only immortals can get.


ImmaToaster Apr 17, 2016

alucard is truly amazing! he is so much better than all of those other sparkly bi***es that people have the nerve to call "vampires"! he's ma bae ~~~<3 ^-^

Itamiis Jan 2, 2016

The only TRUE vampire <3