Alphonse ELRIC

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RedHydra8 May 10, 2015

Al is the definition of a good person. 

Miikuchan Feb 6, 2015

one of the kindest and nicest characters ive ever seen !!i just love him

Th3Laugh1ngMan Nov 25, 2014

Great character design.

TheAnimeChick Jul 28, 2014

Alphonse Elric, a very unique character. His ability to keep a level head in almost any situation made him very lovable for me. He is also a very selfless charcter with a a sense of meekness and humility. However, describing him as meek does not exclude the fact that he could also kick some butt when he needed to. I very much loved this charcter.

Badpeanut Apr 4, 2014