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nekosamanao Feb 12, 2017

owo i love his personality hes such a brat but hes so cute :D

Yudesei Oct 28, 2016

I've seen tons of people say "Yes, his past was bad, but that's not an excuse". What people need to understand is that, yes, it is. His past is certainly a valid, psychological explanation why Alois is acting like he does.

His anger, his fear, his rudeness. All of those things are connected to each other and were created from the traumatizing events from his childhood.

And because his parents and brother died so early, Alois has probably never even heard anyone say "I love you" to him.

At least Ciel has a fiancé, her part of the family and butlers who respect him. Alois has none of these. He's lonely. So lonely that he surrounds himself with demons who want his soul, just to make himself feel wanted.

All he wanted was someone who genuinely loved him.

I feel so bad for Alois.

yullev Oct 22, 2016

if u hate bae you obviously dont understand where hes coming from lol 

Alquds98 Aug 9, 2016

I can't hate or like Alois he is just so screwed in the mind that it just is wrong to judge him. Yes he is a pyscho and yes he is very cruel but he went through alot so he is just twisted. If anything I feel bad for him. 

kawoshin May 25, 2016

it's so weird to think that i was the same age as him when i first watched kuro, he's still one of my faves to this day :D