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dianalarahoran says...

For me, i don't think he really deserves to be hated.. I mean, he had a hard past when he was younger. Seriously, getting hate from everyone around him, had to steal to live and the only person that he cared and loved to die. And i bet he developed he's personality and behaviour now was because of what he experienced in the past. But sure i hated him at first, i thought he was a no good sadistic, annoying brat. But when they slowly revealed his past, i slowly began to pity him. Especially when he was taken by Mr Pedofile and did.. URGH HE'S JUST TOO YOUNG AND INNOCENT (okay maybe not really that innocent.. but he's still under aged..).

Oct 3, 2015
Motheraya says...

Ciel wasn't anything like this kid, yeah he had no one from the start but I found him pitiful because he didn't want to lose his soul even though he knew what the contract meant.

Sep 30, 2015
FabulousAnimeOtaku says...

Alois doesn't diserve this much hate...yes he is a brat but he's a FABULOUS brat!

Sep 8, 2015
KisaraBear says...

What?! Alois? Seriously?

Look at what he went through when he was younger. It's no surprise he's the way he is now. If you think it's "not a good enough excuse", look at Ciel.

Though I do love Ciel, the kid can be a brat sometimes. And when you think about it, his life is far better than Alois's.

Therefore I don't think Alois deserves to be hated. He's gone through a lot and is probably mentally unstable. Plus, he's fun and entertaining to watch.

Sep 7, 2015
morangos says...

Well, he's kinda pitiful.

Sep 1, 2015