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AloisAckerman says...


I don't care right now that I don't like Kuroshitsuji II, but Alois is my favorite character in this anime (That includes season one) but in the manga it is Grell.

Alois was very entertaining in my opinion. WAAYY more fun than Ciel. It was like he was constantly on his period

Aug 3, 2015
Haribari says...

Yes, he's a sadistic brat but he is more enjoyable to watch than Ciel. If you compare these two characters, Alois is the one who has been suffering more and I understand why he acted like that. And his abreaction is much more interesting. I don't support this type of behaviour but to be honest, I really love to watch him. And I feel really sorry for him, such a tragic character. Ciel is really lucky when you compare these two. 

Jul 21, 2015
PandaBear87 says...

Considering the fact that this character is from the anime only and (so far) has not shown up in the manga and that season 2 of Kuroshitsuji SUCKED, I might be a bit biased against him.  I hated the secon season soooo much becasue there were so many good story arcs throughout the manga that they didn't even need to make up their own story like this.  He is too much like Ciel in attitude and ego, except that Ciel's attitude and ego are actually somewhat likeable and at some points adoreable.  He seems to be Ciel's extreme alter ego, as if Ciel had gone off the deep end and kept falling.... I hated his character and hated the ending of season 2.  It's a good thing they made OVA's out of Book of Circus and Book of Murder!

Jul 14, 2015
FabulousAnimeOtaku says...

At first I completely HATED him, half because I thought him and Claude had replaced Ciel and Sebasian, and half because he was a complete BRAT, but I came to love him so much!! He is so fabulous and cute :3

Jul 8, 2015
cupcake8may says...

He's such a little-shit but still i couldn't help falling for him!His the character that you hate to love.

Jun 12, 2015