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cupcake8may says...

He's such a little-shit but still i couldn't help falling for him!His the character that you hate to love.

Jun 12, 2015
Anna1D says...

At the first i hate him, but then i realized that he actually have bad life and sad story behind him.

He is rape victim, maybe that's the reason why he act like that...

Jun 11, 2015
Fangirlingoverpie says...

You know my first reaction of him was " wow this kid is fucking messed up " , but i ended up wanting him more and more. I fell in love with this guy and i dont really regret it. ( But i still like Ciel more , like a inch more )

Jun 9, 2015
Crazier98 says...

I don't know what to feel!!!! One moment I hate him and then a while after, OMG I sooo love him *0*

I can't really help get amused with him when his sadistic mode is on. this guy will make you laugh, cry, and pull your hair out :3

Ja ne!

Jun 1, 2015
DeusenMoose says...

I hated this character the moment I saw him. I immediately said on the first scene "OI! WHERE DA FACK IS CIEL AND SEBASTIAN, EY?! EYYY?!!!?"... like literally, I like Claude better. Claude is much more responsible than this little faggot kid.

May 28, 2015