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yullev says...

if u hate bae you obviously dont understand where hes coming from lol 

Oct 22, 2016
Alquds98 says...

I can't hate or like Alois he is just so screwed in the mind that it just is wrong to judge him. Yes he is a pyscho and yes he is very cruel but he went through alot so he is just twisted. If anything I feel bad for him. 

Aug 9, 2016
kawoshin says...

it's so weird to think that i was the same age as him when i first watched kuro, he's still one of my faves to this day :D

May 25, 2016
ReginaMagna says...

All the hate he gets is really stupid. Both Alois and Ciel are pretty terrible when it comes to actions. Alois wanted revenge for something he was lied to about. He was tricked into thinking Sebastian was the one who contracted Luka and therefore Alois wants Sebastian to suffer by using his meal.

This fandom is so hypocritical with characters. Hardly anyone complains when Ciel kills and burns children alive but God forbid misguided Alois seeks revenge on something he was lied to about.

This poor boy was saved and he still was treated without love from his servants. He had NO family left at all too.

Apr 13, 2016
Epimondas says...

I do not care what his sorry excuse is to be such a subspecies imitation of life.  The show establishes right away he is a sludge dung beetle to loath.  Anything after that is sort of too little to late to care about.  It is really not a good idea to offend viewers right off that bat like that especially given how different Ciel was in Black Butler 1.  This just does not mesh up.  If he was going to be a total scum sucking leech worm they could have at least waited until they let viewers get to know a little about him or understand him in order to immerse you in his life.  Not that any sane rational life form would low enough or dumb enough to do that I hope.

Apr 5, 2016