Gender: Male
Hair Color: White
Rank #91
Rank #2,017

Allen is a young man who houses a parasitic type of Innocence within his left arm. As the result of a curse when he was younger, Allen's left eye is able to detect nearby Akuma and see the suffering souls chained to them. Despite looking fairly weedy and often being called ‘bean sprout’ by his friends, Allen is actually quite strong. He is incredibly kind and cares deeply about his friends; Allen often gets more upset than some of his peers when anyone is in danger. His master was General Cross, and he still has post-traumatic stress from his experiences with the drunk, womanizing gambler.

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Anime Roles

D.Gray-man Main
D.Gray-man Hallow Main

Manga Roles

D.Gray-Man Main
D.Gray-Man Reverse (Light Novel) Main

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Ichigo2467 Jan 10, 2017

Best Main Character Eveeeer <3

Love him so much <3333

Theesie Jun 10, 2016

I hope he slips on his bathroom floor, hits his head and drowns in his own blood.

evahowel May 27, 2016

what anime?

NiaNotIsh May 16, 2016

Allen is a pretty interesting character and with Hoshino preparing to develop his character even more with the newest arc, I'm rather excited. He's a typical protagonist, really, especially in the beginning of DGM, but as the story progresses, he goes from a innocent seeming (he isn't), goofy, and rather optimistic character to one who never seems to be able to smile without looking sad. It's funny, because most shounen shows happy a determined, optimistic main character, while Allen at this point doesn't seem to be particularly happy. He may act happy, but he's on the angst train leading to hell. 

PandaBear87 Jul 23, 2015

I LOVE HIM SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! He has to be one of the cutest, most bad-ass main characters ever!  Even though he's really young with the cutest baby face, he still can kick some major ass.  I love his development and growth as a character... And not to mention that he has one of the coolest weapons/ablities ever that just kept getting better as the series progressed!

It's also pretty funny when you watch it in Japanese sub and they speak to him/about him and say his full name. lol