Aka: Lemonade Candy

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Alquds98 says...

Akane is a tool to the system she lacks human instinct and refuses to kill to save others. When her friend's throat was sliced with the scalpel I wanted to destroy my copy but I continued thankfully Kogami killed him. In part 2 multiple friends and family died due to her incompetence. She is a tool and one of the worst characters ever. The worst part is that alot of people are like her who refuse to kill to save a life. Sometimes killing people is the way to save another. Sybil system sucks and you as well Akane.

Jul 27, 2016
Aerythrin says...

A bit dizzy and wimpy at first but great development means she grows into a certified badass.

Nov 10, 2015
TheIceQueen says...

I love her after she got some more character development, but at the beginning she almost made me stop watching psycho-pass altogether. 

Nov 8, 2015
xSoyMilk says...

I didnt like her at the beginning, but the development was good. So yeah! Good character!

Nov 6, 2015
Adyth says...

u guys haters absolutly dont get the context of akane as character ,shes great!

Nov 3, 2015