Alt titles: Lemonade Candy

Akane TSUNEMORI main image

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heyalotp71 says...

first of all I don't like female anime characters. And this character annoyed me within the first episode, she acts like some child that can't control herself with getting into other peoples' business. To me she was like a stalker and just knew how to make me mad. Half of the time during the show she was in the way of the enforcers bussiness. And not to mention she looks all tough on the outside but in the inside she is probaly just a coward.I struggled to get through the end of this show because of this dramatic chick

Aug 14, 2014
ContractedReaper says...

In anime history i never saw such an ugly main character as much as  this bitch soo Unattractive,boring,retarded looking and pathetic..wow she has an award for sucking hard at what she does ahahahaa -_-

Jul 16, 2014
ChaoticSilence says...

She seriously pissed me off after what happened in episode 11

May 28, 2014
DeadCulture says...

hate her guts even from the beginning and episode 11

she's a coward

Feb 18, 2014
DreamMonster says...

Haha ...  I'm weird.  First I thought I hated her, so I added her into hated characters list.  Then after almost reaching the end of the series I decided that I didn't care about that character at all and even  said as much in my comment and took her off my list saying that I wouldn't add her to my loved characters list.  And now that I've finally finished the last episode, what do I do ?  I do exactly the opposite and press the red heart that's after her name :D  Talk about mixed feelings ... She was actually really cool in the few last episodes, I was impressed.  I'm eagerly waiting for Psycho-Pass 2  so I can see more of her growth and how the story goes on as well.

Jan 4, 2014