Alt titles: Sakazuki

Akainu main image

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Fortenium says...

I like him because he's the kind of antagonist who isn't just physically overwhelming. He's also tactful and really knows how to alter the way a battle goes without using his fists. He spread fake news through Squard, and Squard tried killing Whitebeard. I mean, that's really smart on his end. And he purposefully got the better of Ace, knowing how to push buttons on him.

I can understand the hate for Akainu, but personally I think he's badass, tactful, and someone I'd like to see more of honestly.

May 17, 2014
SHpirate says...

I want to see Luffy kick his ass when they next meet. No doubt Luffy will go berserk when he fights Akainu. It will be friggin' epic! :D

Oct 22, 2013
bunnyta12 says...

Murder! </3 :'( 

Aug 31, 2013
Morix says...

I Hate Sakazuki Akainu

Aug 29, 2013
Kirua says...

He's  is awesome ! He mostly the strong villain in One Piece

May 4, 2013