Aka: Duck, Princess Tutu

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AmourKitty says...

Duck is soo cute.

Oct 20, 2015
dreamnest07 says...

She is one of the cutest anime characters I have ever seen!! I feel really bad for her at the end because she sacrificed so much for the others but she just got nothing in her life! I personally think this was really cruel of the creators of this anime. Ahiru should be considered to stay human in the return of her kindness and good works. I understand the whole theory of "accept the real you", but c'mon, Ahiru and Fakir deserved a happy ending! The creators of Princess Tutu should make a season 3.

Jun 7, 2015
tootalls says...

I loved her voice, if nohing else, It alone kept me watching.

Sep 2, 2013
ShionSonozaki says...

Adorable. Just aborable. So endearing.

Jun 25, 2013
MystifiedHope says...

I will willingly admit: I love Princess Tutu. I love Ahiru and Fakir. They belong together. Currently writing a fanfic for them too

Aug 30, 2012