Alt titles: Duck, Princess Tutu

Ahiru main image

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tootalls says...

I loved her voice, if nohing else, It alone kept me watching.

Sep 2, 2013
ShionSonozaki says...

Adorable. Just aborable. So endearing.

Jun 25, 2013
MystifiedHope says...

I will willingly admit: I love Princess Tutu. I love Ahiru and Fakir. They belong together. Currently writing a fanfic for them too

Aug 30, 2012
AnimeFreakMiva says...

I think her character is not the typical anime heroine so that's really good, don't like the ending wery much though :(

Jul 24, 2011
JJR1971 says...

I'm not ashamed to admit, I loved this anime and this character.  (Uzura was way more annoying than Duck/Tutu, btw)...watch the DVD extras with Luci Christian where she previews the final scene in the booth.  You can tell Luci really got attached to this character during the making of this show...I think it's probably one of her favorites.

I know this show made me cry more than once, but to watch the voice actor spontaneously and involuntarily cry on camera in response to what she's watching...wow...now that's a brilliant show.

Some of her actor commentaries opposite Chris Patton in this show are really fun to listen to as well.

The music is also breathtaking, and if you watch the DVD extras with Mr. Cat, you can learn a thing or two about classical ballet as well.


Jun 18, 2011