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Loyalcavalier Aug 10, 2016

I dont like this guy since hes the coward with a big mouth, but I love his Voice Acting Mike Pallock did a great job. But Im not a fan of him, honestly I think you are meant to hate him, but its not like Griffith where hes a good character but very hateable. I just feel hes useless for the most part. As somebody thats meant to be a foil to Guts and Casca I dont see how he benefits the anime.......... or maybe its just that I have a distaste for him :p

KiwiTaku Jan 13, 2016

He may not be one of the best villains, but I just love how hammy he is XD

EvilMonsterThingy Jun 15, 2015

He's a loudmouth, he's stupid, he has an ego the size of the moon and is just a pig in general. I just love to hate this guy!

JTown91 Apr 2, 2011

"You're actualy an intresting man, Aside from being a complete bastard. " pararaphrased line from Caska about Coborlwitz