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Adolf HITLER image
Rank #15,395
Rank #3,175


Wickerman avatar Wickerman
Jan 6, 2013

Oh the controversy of it all!  I'm going to pretend like love and hate people are giving to hitler is more then a pantomime more then anything.

Mozuri avatar Mozuri
Nov 27, 2012

He was a great man... and as jablonskas said: He did nothing wrong.

jablonskas avatar jablonskas
Sep 12, 2012

Hitler did nothing wrong

Roman avatar Roman
Jul 28, 2011

Hot-headed. Understatement of the century!

LithiumPocky avatar LithiumPocky
Jun 28, 2011

Why on earth isn't he 1# on the Anime Planet hate list?! I haven't read the manga but still...haters gonna hate...

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