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Michiru has an unusual ability: she can see a dark ring around a person's neck that signifies their time to die. However, she suppressed her powers once she "saw" the deaths of her parents – until now. After accidentally seeing rings around the necks of two boys in her school, it seems that Michiru's powers are back for good. The two are zombies who are working for the secret loan office known as Zombie-Loan, and they need Michiru's help to find other zombies – those with dark black rings around their necks. Though Michiru initially refuses, due to a series of events it seems she has no choice but to comply...

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Vendice's avatar by Vendice on Dec 22, 2010
Score: 5/10

Hmmm...with what should i start ....Zombie Loan is average anime,their characters are like normal comedy this days,therefore it has its own advantages. It is quite funny anime,story or plot is about 2 boys who had an accident which turns them into a zombie.Unfortunetly they switch their hands after accident and from now on their "lifes" are connected,they hunt for a demons and other zombies to pay... read more

CrazyAce01's avatar by CrazyAce01 on Oct 31, 2009
Score: 2/10

Story (2/10) Attempting to create a dramatic atmosphere with creepy music and occasional psychobabble about murder and God, Zombie-Loan is Death Note’s retarded third cousin that the family keeps hush-hush. Frequent, boring shots at comedy mesh together with the so-called action like a block of granite and a zucchini, and make about as much sense. Imagine chibi comedy randomly popping up in a bad... read more

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