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Michiru has an unusual ability: she can see a dark ring around a person's neck that signifies their time to die. However, she suppressed her powers once she "saw" the deaths of her parents – until now. After accidentally seeing rings around the necks of two boys in her school, it seems that Michiru's powers are back for good. The two are zombies who are working for the secret loan office known as Zombie-Loan, and they need Michiru's help to find other zombies – those with dark black rings around their necks. Though Michiru initially refuses, due to a series of events it seems she has no choice but to comply...

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NicoNicoDesu Oct 29, 2012
Score 4/10

There are awful anime. There are excellent anime. There are bad anime. There are good anime. And then there are anime so average it's scary. Story: Kita Michiru has a good amount of frenemies at her Christian school. However, she has a secret--when she removes her Harry Potter glasses, she can see rings around people necks which signify how much time a person has left to live or if the person is already dead... read more

lelouchllover's avatar
lelouchllover Oct 23, 2011
Score 7.8/10

Zombie-Loan, based on the manga of the same name by Peach-Pit....A story I began to read 2 years ago, in 2009, and that fascinated me back then. I never had the opportunity to watch the anime before...and now it's done, my thoughts are a bit mixed about it. The story of the anime spans the first 4 or 5 books of the manga and it does it quite well for a 11 episodes series. It developped the major parts well and... read more

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Episodes 12 and 13 only released on the DVDs.

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  • Vol: 13; Ch: 83
  • 2003 - 2011
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