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Jin is an energetic young boy living in a shanty town and making ends meet by performing good deeds for money. However, when his mentor dies during a fight with a strange monster he finally learns the meaning of death. Having been taken in by a stripper named Akemi whom he once saved, Jin begins to live a quiet and normal life - though in reality he is anything but ordinary. With superhuman abilities and a group of mysterious men searching for him under the name of Zet, over the years Jin finds himself drawn into a world of creatures with dangerous powers called "Players". But what is Jin really, and with his vicious methods of defeating these threats, is he really a hero for justice or simply another dangerous monster?

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duchessliz's avatar by duchessliz on Jan 21, 2014
Score: 5/10

Story Players are monstrous abominations created by the Amagi Corporation that were originally used for amusement while humans watched them fight each other til death. . .that is. . .until one night when the Players went on a rampage and killed all their human spectators before making their escape. One of the scientist, Kanzaki Gorou, who was a key in the Players creation escaped with Z.E.T. . .believed to... read more

MordredMS's avatar by MordredMS on Jun 1, 2013
Score: 5.6/10

Well, I’ll be damned if I ever expected to see a manga inspired by Western superhero comics made by Katsura Masakazu, the guy who’s best known for drawing swimsuits and panties in questionable love comedies. While on paper it may seem a good idea to bathe the superhero mythos style in Japanese shōnen storytelling, it’s an operation that combines two things that are full of overused... read more

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