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Zero no Tsukaima

Alt titles: The Familiar of Zero

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4.117 out of 5 from 23,511 votes
Rank #505


In a world where magic is a reality, the young Louise is at the bottom of her class. Dubbed "Zero" by her classmates at Tristein Academy (due to her zero success rate for magic), Louise (along with all first year students) was charged with summoning a familiar; and instead of a cute magical creature, the familiar arrived in the form of... Saito Hiraga, a normal Japanese boy who was abruptly teleported from his own world?! Can both Louise and Saito come to terms with their new and complicated "relationship" and (more importantly) help Saito find a way home?

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi TV 2007 Sequel
Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo TV 2008 Same Franchise
Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo: Seductive Beach DVD Special 2008 Same Franchise
Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo Picture Drama DVD Special 2008 Same Franchise
Zero no Tsukaima F TV 2012 TBD

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Zero no Tsukaima (Light Novel) 2004 TBD
Zero no Tsukaima 2006 TBD
Zero no Tsukaima Gaiden: Tabasa no Bouken 2007 TBD
Zero no Tsukaima Chevalier 2010 TBD
Name Role
Masahiro FUJII Character Design
Yoshiaki IWASAKI Director
Shinkichi MITSUMUNE Music

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Zero no Tsukaima babyeinstein12 7/10 Sep 15, 2009
The Familiar of Zero babyeinstein12 7/10 Sep 15, 2009

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Title Author Score Date
Zero no Tsukaima Animage 7.5/10 May 13, 2013
The Familiar of Zero Animage 7.5/10 May 13, 2013
Zero no Tsukaima Jehowi 8/10 Jan 5, 2013
List Title Username Entries Date
Anime Watchlist Ryanb23 41 Apr 18, 2014
Explus yasar 447 Apr 17, 2014
Planned for Summer 14 KashiiAlcuin 16 Apr 16, 2014
Tyranomaster watched Zero no Tsukaima at 13 of 13 episodes
kmdziak wants to watch Zero no Tsukaima
tayubino rated the Zero no Tsukaima anime 1.5/5 stars
tayubino watched Zero no Tsukaima at 13 of 13 episodes
Yukitori removed the Zero no Tsukaima anime from their anime list

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Rosario to Vampire

Rosario to Vampire

Fifteen-year-old Tsukune Aono is average in every way; he has no hobbies, less-than-stellar grades and he's even flunked his high school entrance exam. His parents have managed to enroll him in a school, but it's no ordinary school! Tsukune will be attending the Youkai Academy, a place where monsters learn how to co-exist with humans! As the werewolves, vampires, witches and other monsters are required to retain their human forms, Tsukune - the lone human - is able to avoid their bloodthirsty gazes. However, he quickly attracts the attention of a number of devilish beauties including the vampire Moka, a busty succubus and even a young witch! It seems Tsukune's average life isn't so average anymore!

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Both Zero no Tsukaima and Rosario to Vampire contain the idea of magic as a major theme (for Rosario it's more mosters, but there is magic too). They also both have a girl of a higher class (a vampire) who likes a boy of a lower class (a human). This is a bigger idea in ZnT. Also, the girl vampire always gets jelous when the human that they like has another girl that likes him.


Both are about the male lead ending up in a 'magical'/supernatural new world/school and meeting a cute girl.

They are both ecchi harem romance action comedies. Both animes include harem, but there is never 'distraction' from the main male/female leads, and rather the 'harem' works at resolving each new plot event.

Themes of both include class division (nobles/commoners monsters/humans), and a consequent breaking of barriers. Action for both are mainly 'fun' action sequences that are mostly absurd than serious.


These anime are similar for several reasons. They are both harem comedies, they both have some fan service (Although RtV has more), the male lead is a human in a world centered around magic, and they are both centered around class division (or species division). I think anyone that liked either of these would be able to enjoy the other.


If you liked Zero no Tsukaima then you would really like Rosario + Vampire or the other way around.Both have very powerful and high class female lead who falls  in love with a nonpowerful low class male lead.

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Ai Yori Aoshi

Ai Yori Aoshi

Aoi Sakuraba, heir to the Sakura department store, has only one thing on her mind-- her beloved. Betrothed from a very young age, she has been in love with him, Kaoru Hanabishi, ever since. After Kaoru left his family, their bethrothal was nullified. Aoi sets out to find him. Will they be able to stand against the barriers that will try to keep them apart?

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Although one takes place in a fantasy setting and the other is not, I think both Zero no Tsukaima and AYA offer a good amount of rich characters, romance, comedy, and drama. I strongly recommend watching both.


In both AYA and ZNT the main story revolves around an impossible love story, as the main characters' families are against such a relationship. Furthermore, both stories have a good mix of comedy and ecchi scenes. If you loved one series for these reasons you will like the other too.


Ai Yori Aoshi and Zero No Tsukaima are harem anime that depict love in difficult situations. Because of these situations there is a lot of similar comedy involving the main male characters, Kaoru and Saito, as they interact with unsuspecting female companions.

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Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

Once upon a time, two brothers passed the happy days of their childhood by studying alchemy, which is governed by the equal transfer principle: an eye for an eye -- you can't get more than you give. But these brothers tried to defy that law, and a horrific accident resulted. Now, the older brother, Edward, is called the Full Metal Alchemist because of his metal limbs, and the younger, Alphonse, is a soul without a body, trapped within the confines of an automaton. Together they search for the power to restore themselves, to find the lives they lost so long ago...

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Both of these great anime are about different sorts of magic. They are both very humorous and have similar character characteristics. Both of these anime are funny and i would strongly reccomend them. I enjoyed both of these anime very much and I think you will too.


Plotwise... character wise... even genre wise, these anime don't appear very similar.

However, during some parts Zero and especially the end of FMA, reminded me a lot each other. Both deal with the idea of "Earth" and how there's another world out there. I enjoyed how they made the connections between the current world and Earth (especially during WWII) and it's weapons.

If you like these ideas in anime, then you'll definitely enjoy both of these!! They're both fun in their own ways with a hint of humour and I believe the girl that plays Al is the same voice as Louise.


Both of these animes take place in a world full of magic where impossible became possible. If you like watching stories which are owerflowed with magic and humour you'll for sure like the one I reccomend.

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In a world not unlike our own, mages are commonplace and schools are separated between normal students and magic users. Yuma Kohinata is a student at one such school, Mizuhosaka Academy. On the way home from buying chocolates with his androgynous friend Jun, Yuma is given chocolates from school idol Haruhi Kamisaka; things become even more complex once the magic wing of the school has a gas explosion, displacing all of the magic students into the normal section – including Haruhi! Now, Yuma finds himself thrust into the world of magic, and must deal with the various women who vie for his affections; can he juggle his priorities and continue to pass his classes?

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If you have seen either of these animes you will undoutfully like the other. They both go along the lines of the magical schoolgirls Vs. one protaganist and have one or more of the schools students after them. Both have there funny parts but more so in Zero. Both are good animes so I recomend seeing one if youve seen the other.


Zero no Tsukaima and Happiness are two of a kind I think.

They are both mostly a one on one romance that takes a sideline to the story. Both center around a magic school with a female mage lead character and a romantic interest that is more than he seems.Though the female leads are exact opposites of each other...


both take place in a magical world though the story in zero no tsukaima is more engaging. also both involve a school that teaches magic.

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The Kawahira family specializes in dealing with troublesome spirits with the help of inukami, strong dog spirits that take human form. Members of the family are expected to make pacts with strong inukami in order to fulfill their duties, but their family has a black sheep: the perverted Keita, who charges people for his help. His inukami, Youko, is dedicated to make Keita completely hers. Her favorite form of punishment for him when he strays is teleporting him into the city completely naked. He's been arrested for indecent exposure so many times that he's a jailhouse regular, and is considered an outcast by his family and normal society; yet an inukami of the highest caliber chose to be his partner?! Is there really more to him than perverseness?


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not rated
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Like Zero no Tsukaima, Inukami! has similar plot elements of a perverted but kind-hearted young man paired with a beautiful magical girl who wants him to look only at her and punishes him thoroughly when he doesn't. It is an outrageously funny show with the connecting thread of the relationship between these two.


Both series contain two main characters that are together in order to fight evil. There is a lot of magic, demons, evil and ... love in those anime too.


Both series have a strong and also kind of aggresive heroine that allways seems to be a bit jeaolus of the protagonist, wich leads to alot of funny situations.

Both series also contains the same kind of comedy and they both contains some romance that sometimes seems to lead nowhere.