Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo: Seductive Beach

Alt title: The Familiar of Zero: Princess no Rondo: Seductive Beach

DVD Special (1 ep x 24 min)
3.693 of 5 from 6,376 votes
Rank #1,730

Since the trip to the great cathedral in Romalia has been cancelled, the students at Tristain Academy are heading to the beach for summer vacation; though when they arrive, both Saito and Guiche are disappointed at the girls' reserved swimming costumes. Luckily, help is at hand as Principal Ottoman just so happens to have located a large chest full of seductive swimwear in an aristocrat's manor and orders the young ladies to change into them! With the boys attempting to con the girls into wearing even skimpier bikinis and Louise hoping to secure a moonlit stroll on the beach with Saito, it's sure to be an eventful summer break for the Tristain students.

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CoolHandMike's avatar
CoolHandMike May 7, 2012
Score 10/10

Best beach episode ever! The headmaster colludes with the male students to make the girls wear increasingly skimpy swimsuits - something about becoming the truest fair maiden and observing the proper sea rituals. Totally hilarious. read more

chuckylover911's avatar
chuckylover911 Jun 5, 2011
Score 5.8/10

STORY: The plot is somewhat random non-sence, while comedy is the main focus. ANIMATION: The animation never fails to entertain me. The movements and magic are both unbelievable and... read more

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