Zero no Tsukaima F

Alt titles: The Familiar of Zero F


MOJ's avatar By on Mar 18, 2012

How disappointing. One of the best series turned into a cheesy tweenage harem romance. It started out strong, with a good dose of sexual humor to lighten the mood and reacquaint viewers with the main characters, along with their uncanny ability to fall into questionable perverted moments. If real life could have even half the awkward boob grab moments in this series, boys would hit puberty around the age of 8.


So this series picks off where the last one left. The imposter king of Gallia plots to destroy Romalia or whatever the name was of that city. Saito, Liouse, and the rest must stop his evil plans. A pretty basic fairytale story. However, the previous seasons were able to expertly manipulate the situation to make it unpredictable and often hilarious. With perverted humor properly placed throughout the previous seasons, amazing twists, a decent plot, introduction of modern technology, and good fight scenes, they really left the viewer begging for more. Unfortunately ZnT F has none of those. The storyline is downright childish, twists not only predictable but expected, the characters have suddenly lost 40-50 points off their IQ and fight scenes are equivalent to two chimps going at each other with clubs.

Actually, with everything taken into consideration, it seems like the story was simply thrown out the window for this season. Instead it was decided by the higher ups to make this into one of the most cliche, awkward and cheesy harem romances ever to hit the interne...i mean DVDs (down with pirating!! *cough* *cough*). I mean, there are like 7 girls, 2 of them freaking royalty, and yet they just can get enough of our over-passionate, brainless Saito. That guy actually acted like a real guy would in the previous seasons, but now he turned into those dumbass harem protagonists like the ones seen in "Shuffle" and "This ugly yet beautiful world." All the girls are simply dying for his affection, which kind of is justified by the previous seasons but becomes unrealistic very fast.

My main problem with this season is that it over-uses the "i've been kidnapped" cliche. Nearly every episode revolves around either one of the girls being kidnapped and Saito prancing around like a fool trying to rescue them.


The animation was one of the redeeming qualities of this season. They did improve the level of detail and focused on character design and environmental/magic effects. The background still remained pretty bland and undeserving of attention. Nor did the creativity of the magic attacks.

One point to note, the animation while being improved from previous versions, still sucks. And it completely fell apart by the last episode. There was a certain scene in the last episode which was just so horrible that comparatively, stick figures have more depth and colors. They rushed it, and it is fairly obvious...


The sound is mainly orchestral and it fits the theme of this series pretty well. It compliments the medieval fantasy tone of the area. However it is pretty generic and quickly fades into the background almost to the point where you won't notice when it begins to play and when it stops. Sound effects were done better though and had a positive effect, mainly during the awkward "accidental" groping scenes but positive nonetheless.


The characters were effectively murdered. The girls lost all aspects of a multidimensional personality and instead were forced to mold into the love struck tsundere airhead cast. Saito turned into a generic male harem lead and everyone else could have simply been leaves in the wind. I mean the producers didn't even bother giving many of the background characters faces. The horses the main characters rode were given more focus than most humans. When you have a queen and a princess of two different nations stalking...yes STALKING a pervert of a guy, you know one of the producers is 60 and still single. Did i mention cat fights erupt over who gets to sleep beside Saito? Even the maid joins in on the fun... b*tch slapping her mistress, royal princesses and everyone in between just so she can feel her breasts press against Saito's tweenage body.

There is nothing left to say about just how much the characters deteriorated. it hurts for me to go on...


Seeing that it will only be die hard fans who will reach this fourth season, i recommend going along with it. This season will provide conclusions for the series, and all of us have been waiting for a year and a half for this season to come out so why not? It still does have humor and some decent moments but do not expect the level of quality the previous seasons had. Furthermore the series concludes in a insanely ridiculous manner, somewhere along the lines of a "wtf how?" Watch it for the conclusions that are made and nothing else.

Replying to FadeToBlack91: I seriously wish i could analyse it deeper, however, there was no "deeper" to go. The anime was shallow, bland and badly put together. What it wanted to give its viewers was a season of awkward boob grabs and other fanservice with absolutly no story driving the characters. Pokemon episodes tend to have better stories than this whole season put together. As a Romance title it deteriorated greatly, probably due to the fact that the love between the main characters became unrealistic.

I would like someone, ANYONE to give me a logical explanation of the ending. There is no way in hell what happened could have happened at all, and I DARE you to say it was because of "the power of love"...I bloody DOUBLE DARE you. It pisses me off to no end. 

2/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
animeandwwefanDXXD's avatar By on Aug 1, 2012

<3 <3 <3 Zero no tsukaima F!!!! :DDDDDD <3 <3 <3

2nd fav anime!!! :DDDD - to girls bravo <3 :D

so anyway with that fan talk being said lol ;) - for me, this anime means a great deal to me, 2nd fav anime, and 1st subbed anime i watched (unless i watched samurai girls before it...? not sure)

anyway yeah basically the story of louise and saito!!! :DDD 

season 1 - 2006 

season 2 - 2007

season 3 - 2008

and finally!!!!!!

Season 4- aka Zero no tsukaima F -    2012

so there was a 4 year wait....hmmmm well i watched znt in 2010 so luckily i only had to wait half that time - 2 years , but still, there was pretty much no updates apart form rumours - as with every anime - so depressingly i admitted it was likely over :(....   until!!!! last year when it was made official - zero no tsukiama season 4!!!!!!!! :DDDDD lol i remember when one of my friends told me about i was literally jumping for joy ^_^ so happpyyy!!!!! :DDDD but did it live up to the hype????

Well after finishing the anime i was currently on and then rewatching the first 3 seasons of ZNT (which i had watched about 3-4 times over already), i watched the first episode of znt f and it all came back like the first time watching it <3 sooo beautiful/cute/good/awesome/kawii/sugoi/awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! 

agghhh words cant describe it!!! <3

so yeah - one thing i will say - and go back to - once ive finished watching :(    

is how a few of my friends -(ex friends now;) hahah kidding) were complaining about how it was "poorly written" - which i can see how theyd think that, but in my opinion its not really, just a few events are a bit out of place and questionable, but to tell the truth, i was - and still am just happy to see the 4th season of it, and saito and louise!!!!! :DDDD so couldn't really care that much about that lol- it pretty much stays with the same feelings as the last 3 seasons - although overall seems more saito and louise relationship based, so yeah...not as much flirting with other girls "saito baka ine!!!!!" ;)

so quick overview thingey of criteria

story - 9.5 - would have been 10 but yeah confusing event placements and stuff - not that it really effects the anime anyway ^_^

animation - 9.5 - not top level animation - but then again not many animes have it, style fits the story/anime :D

sound - DEFITATE 10 - overall along with girls bravo, and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, zero no tsukiama along all 4 seasons has some of the best soundtrack/music ive ever heard - i say yes, and i say yes(wedding version) - youtube them!!! :D <3

and as for this season the same, the op is perfect <3 , and the outro, while it doesnt really fit the same mould of the other eds/outros is still really good and super cute <3 plus- has a lot more work put into it then the previous picture/manga-like eds of the last seasons

Charachters - i say 10, also reinforced by what other people have said - there is literally a ton of charachters in here, but they still all get thier story/charachter development, :D even though a lot of the time some charachters go missing/offscreen for a while, but yeah sometimes you cant have all the charachters in one ep so yeahhh lol

so yeah thats pretty much it for now - im off the watch the rest of zero no tsukiama season 4!!!!! :DDD

-edit and now finished watching Zero no tsukiama!!!!!!!!!! :D <3 :DDDD amazingggg!!! :D well also lke the proverbial rollercoaster of emotions in the last few eps - which joins with one thing i wasnt sure of, but now pretty sure of - his season is mostly a lot more serious/indepth than the last 3 seasons, even if the storyline wasnt consistent, and the very confusing/qustionable order of events (as i said before) 

that being said the last episode has literally the cutest/most romantic anime scene/scenes i have EVER seen, and just plot twintingly stuff... hnnngggg aggghhh cant descibe emotions :,(

basically if youre a fan of znt, youll most likely love this season as much as all the others, and realllllyyyyy hope theres a season 5  - although said theres not going to be, so at least an OVA???....pweeeaaaassseeee JC staff???? <3 <3 <3

9.5/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.9/10 overall
Komirai's avatar By on Aug 5, 2012

Zero no Tsukaima F is the final season of the series and it features a young boy Saito getting abused by his master Louise. Stuff happens, Saito is extremely indecisive about his relationship with Louise, stuff gets fixed. Nothing new is really found in this season and I won't go too much into detail about the summary because hey, you should have seen the previous three seasons before you watch the 4th one, no?

So about the story.. heh. If you have seen the previous seasons, you'll have a pretty good idea what happens. Some stuff happens, maybe some random fanservice here and there, filler episodes randomly thrown in out of nowhere, a problem occurs and is solved with usually an unrealistic solution that probably has some plot holes. And by plot holes, I don't mean "look very deep into the anime" ones, I mean "wtf how did they just do that it didn't make any sense at all" kind of plot holes. It takes the fantasy genre to a whole new level and again, its not in a good way (example: Saito stealing a fighter jet from a military base). Some of it can be attributed to the fact that the majority of the season was rushed but all in all, they really did not need some of the fillers; it was just a waste of time. If you're one of those people that like to have an intricate plot with plenty of BAM moments, this is not the anime for you. The plot is lacklustre and very predictable. Because this is the last season, the end has to be taken into the score as well. Personal I thought the ending was very predictable but it fits the anime. Having said that though, ZnT is NOT about the story. If you have been watching this for the story, then I got news for you, choose something else to watch. The story here is just there to have at least some "meaning" between each episode, nothing special.

Al-right, the characters. The characters are again, nothing special. An abusive tsundere, some boobs, some more boobs, and a loli. This anime throughout the seasons has shown no character development, Louise and Saito were supposedly married at the end of season two but Saito is still an indecisive guy and Louise still blows him up. Usually this would lower the score as dynamic characters are always good but the thing is, it's what the anime is known for. This is why most people have continued to watch though the seasons. Sure, Saito will piss you off every time he ogles some girls breast because he completely lacks self-control or some other stuff that ticks you off. The non-changing character foils that have been constant throughout all four seasons is the selling point of this anime. You don't watch this to see some well thought out strategy like Death Note or the plain awesomeness of Steins;Gate, you watch this too see Saito getting blown up by explosions and the tsundere Louise being her usual self and the relationship between them.

The sound doesn't really do much considering most of the BGM is just reused from the previous seasons. In some cases, it certainly does help set the mood and I loved how they reused one of the openings during one of the final episodes. The energetic OP also adds towards the enjoyment of the anime; it fits the mood. Though the EP isn't bad, the usage of it is certainly questionable in some cases. Something some by Rie Kugimiya doesn't really fit certain situations if you know what I mean.

The art wasn't really exceptional and doesn't take away from the anime itself. Not much to comment on this as it doesn't feature any special art style. The battle scenes were too short in my opinion.

I'm a Louise fan so this is probably biased but I really enjoyed the series overall. If I was to use by biased score, this would be a 10/10 just because I'm a huge Louise fan. That's kind of the thing with this anime, either you'll hate the characters (I don't think many people expected much out of the story anyways) or come to love em. The story was really annoying at certain points because of the number of episodes that were just pointless. They could have easily just spent a couple of minutes or not even included certain parts (really didn't need a episode dedicated towards the crowning of a queen) of the anime. The ending however, was probably the saving grace for this anime. I personally value a conclusive ending opposed to some random harem ending. Overall, I think that this season manages to set up the end of the series only leaving some minor plot holes. Watch this with a grain of salt in mind.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
Proman249's avatar By on Jan 9, 2012

I really like this anime alot and is really sucks that this is the final season :'""""( so the only way i will be satifed with the ending if they finally get married if they dont i will be very disapointed like the ending of 5cm per second

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
Sweboz's avatar By on Mar 7, 2014

Zero no Tsukaima F (season 4) has the same problems Princess no Rondo (season 3) had. The plot's boring and the character development is regressive. If I ever recommend this series to someone I'll suggest they don't bother with season 3 or 4.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
3/10 overall