Zankyou no Terror

Alt titles: Terror of Resonance

TV (11 eps)
4.385 out of 5 from 4,646 votes
Rank #155
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On a summer day, a massive terrorist bombing suddenly struck Tokyo. The culprits behind the act that woke up this complacent nation from its slumber, were just two boys. Now, the culprits known as "Sphinx" begin a grandiose game that encompasses all of Japan.

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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Aug 9, 2014
Score: 5.5/10

Terror in Resonance is a fine anime in terms of directing and tension. It’s not hard to see how it excited thousands of viewers into calling it anime of the year back when the first episode aired. That still doesn’t make up for its undeniably amateurishly handled script when it comes to mystery stories. Personally, I didn’t need to wait for the show to be over before I knew it wasn’t as... read more

EdtheRadical's avatar by EdtheRadical on Jul 26, 2014
Score: 9/10

Based on 3 episodes Zankyou no Terror  is one the most promising shows I have watched in recent times. In a busy Japan, criminals steal some plutonium from a nuclear reactor and shortly afterwards a government building is blown up by two school aged kids. Who is responsible for these crimes and what are their motives? Will they be caught? Like any other work of good crime fiction, Zankyou no... read more



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