Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

TV (13 eps)
4.157 of 5 from 3,009 votes
Rank #550

Continuing to exist in a perpetual state of despair, Nozomu Itoshiki is still trying to teach his students that the world is never as good as it seems. From discussing the ridiculous hold that superstitions have on mankind and people’s hidden switches, to society’s refusal to accept more than one outstanding talent in any given individual, no topic is safe from the Itoshiki treatment! Forever becoming caught up in his students’ momentum, this time Itoshiki-sensei finds himself joining a group travelling to Hokkaido on a journey of self-discovery, acquiring his very own body double and getting lost in a city of dicey third choices.

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Garyuu's avatar by Garyuu on Nov 10, 2009
Score 7/10

I'm not really big into episodic shows, but it was pretty good. I like something to get me interested watching the next episode. With no real story, there are no cliffhangers to grasp my attention. I would say about half of the show was funny. A lot of the stuff I simply did not understand, because they would refrence things I would not know about. This is really a show aimed specifically at the Japanese... read more

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