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Yui, Yukari and Yuzuko have just entered high school, eager to have a great time. They quickly become the sole members of the Data Processing Club, using the computers frequently to look up information and find interesting videos. Whether they're debating the merits of sauce on curry bread, trying to determine how some women manage to have huge breasts or dealing with the sweltering heat, these three friends will also manage to have fun in the process. 

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  • Now We're High School Students image

    Episode 1

    Now We're High School Students

  • The Data Processing Club image

    Episode 2

    The Data Processing Club

  • It's Summer Vacation image

    Episode 3

    It's Summer Vacation

  • The Chairman image

    Episode 4

    The Chairman

  • Yui and Yukari and Yuzuko image

    Episode 5

    Yui and Yukari and Yuzuko

  • First Snow Hotpot image

    Episode 6

    First Snow Hotpot

  • 3rd Semester! image

    Episode 7

    3rd Semester!

  • We're in Our Second Year Now image

    Episode 8

    We're in Our Second Year Now

  • Mishmash image

    Episode 9


  • Because It's Fun image

    Episode 10

    Because It's Fun

  • Times Like These image

    Episode 11

    Times Like These

  • Uneventful Good Life image

    Episode 12

    Uneventful Good Life

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Mystotakun's avatar by Mystotakun on Jul 2, 2013
Score 6/10

Now, anyone that knows me personally knows that, depsite how much I try to resent it, I absoultely adore animes that follow a bunch of girls going about their days in highschool. It's not exactly the most manly thing in the world, but we're not hear to discuss my (negligible) masculinity, we're hear to review Yuyushiki. Now, straight off the bat I'll say this...this show follows the tried and tested forumula... read more

SANC16's avatar by SANC16 on Jul 22, 2013
Score 4/10

Disclaimer Being by me this won't be short, will jump around a bit for the sake of giving a fitting example where needed and you probably won't agree. =============================================================== It seems around here that nobody who comments will agree or vice-versa but here I review again anyway. It's yet another one of those anime where the premise and the plot are the same. There's a... read more

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