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2.452 out of 5 from 192 votes
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The girls' division at the Popuu Company has just hired a new part time worker: the cute and energetic Yutori-chan. Unfortunately, despite the reserved Tsumikomi’s best efforts to mold the new recruit into the perfect worker, the bright-eyed teenager’s complete lack of common sense means that she’s anything but! By refusing to help anyone struggling with their own workload unless explicitly asked, answering the phone during a lecture from her boss, and revealing personal information about her co-workers, Yutori won’t win employee of the month any time soon, but she certainly makes the office a far more interesting place to work.

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Name Role
Kouhaku NISHIO Character Design
Keiichiro KAWAGUCHI Director

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Want To Watch Anime NatsuIgneel95 438 May 17, 2013
Hyunnie's Watched List yenlin 1715 May 12, 2013
Completed Anime jermy45 233 Apr 13, 2012
Winnie watched Yutori-chan at 25 of 25 episodes
Furciferae won't watch Yutori-chan
mrdeath029 won't watch Yutori-chan
FreakAnime watched Yutori-chan at 25 of 25 episodes
dj8900 dropped Yutori-chan

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