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The story revolves around Makoto Yukami, a high school boy whose hobby is visiting hot springs. His 100th hot spring visit is at Miyama-kan, an inn run by four "poster girls": Tokura, Akino, Tsutsuji and Mitomo. There, Yukami spies Yuri, a goddess of the hot springs, and unexpectedly usurps her powers. Makoto ends up working at the inn.

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mahius's avatar by mahius on Sep 22, 2014
Score 7/10

Kawaii Deshou! Yumekuri is a 5 minute short about... er... well... a hotspring allowing cats? That's it. Nothing more to it. Surprisingly it contains no ecchi or anything like that, unlike what I was expecting. So that's a pleasant surprise. So there's no point in it, it just cats and people at a hotspring. It's only 5 minutes so it is definitely worth your time! The animation quality is good. Nothing out of... read more

Thrawn's avatar by Thrawn on May 20, 2013
Score 5/10

For some strange reason I didn't expect it to be all... chesty, racked with fanservice and stacked with boobs. I should have because that's the first thing you think of when someone says hotsprings or onsen. Instead it's just cute girls trying to get a hotspring for cats, getting the temperature just right. That's it. I'm thinking it's meant to portray a small storyline for a happy-go-lucky manga that doesn't... read more

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