Yumekui Merry

Alt title: Dream Eater Merry


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AngelBeatsYui's Supernatural Must Watch Animeby AngelBeatsYui

A list of supernatural anime that I would recommend that people should check out, maybe for their characters or their storyline xx

Anime I Plan To Watchby NicoCake

Every single of my plan to watch anime is in this list alphabetically. ( This list is outdated ).

Top 500 Anime I Likeby KittySisters

This is 500 anime I had watched in my life of anime. It contains mostly Fantasy/Supernatural/Super Powered, and basically anything related to that category. (Some of them I cant explain because it been so long, and I somehow forgot about it...

Imakirby's emotional animeby ImaKirby

These anime gave me the feels one way or another. (in no particular order)

Animes I didn't like or found extremly boring.by kibo

..but tortured me though them anyways, either because I was bored or because I had to know why other people liked it. I still don't get why people like kuroshitsuji. I like the consept of spice and wolf, but it's still boring to me... So this is...

Anime to start watching with Pandorasgodchildby Chanto

Anime that I haven't finished/started and plan to start with PGC

Hiof - Anime Clubby WinnifredArtemis

Here are a list of what we have seen as well as when it was shown. As well as the past, it also have the shows we are watching in the next month or two. Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions if you have any. BUT REMEMBER that the rules for...

My Top 16 Current Favorite Animeby Kunoichifox

These are the current anime I consider my favorites so far