Alt title: Sentou Yousei Yukikaze

OVA (5 eps)
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In the distant future, Earth is being invaded by a mysterious alien race known as the JAM. Though suffering heavy casualties, mankind unites and repels their advance, pushing them back to their homeworld of Fairy. As to not take any chances of another attack, an expeditionary force is formed to pursue and eradicate any who managed to flee. The campaign is successful, with all but a few small pockets of JAM completely destroyed, and preparations are made for the fleet to return to home. Enter Leiutenant Rei Fukai, the pilot of a reconnaissance fighter jet known as the Yukikaze. With victory close at hand, he is assigned to do one final sweep of Fairy to put an end of the threat for good. However, during the flight, he is attacked by an unknown jet that appears to one of mankind's own, and barely manages to escape. Though the JAM are all but gone, it seems a new, more deadly threat has emerged, fiercely determined to stop the fleet from returning home alive...

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Sheex Jul 13, 2007
Score 6.5/10

What has Yukikaze got, you might ask? Three things: Badass CGI, sweet dogfights, and a hell of a lot of explosions.  Eye candy is certainly its forte, as its visuals somehow managed to captivate me through the overall lack of story and shallow characterization. The synopsis, actually, is more interesting than any of the events the story itself has to offer. ... read more

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roriconfan Aug 23, 2012
Score 7/10

Yukikaze is in theory a wonderful sci-fi / action / mystery anime around a war between humans and aliens, the relationship between man and machine, the difference between reality and illusion. It was made in collaboration with an existing military airforce so as too look as realistic as possible. It has really high production values. It makes you think about stuff. So why is it so damn boring and mostly... read more

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