Yugo the Negotiator

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Beppu Yugo is one of the world's most successful and celebrated negotiators. His cases have ranged from big to small, from secretive to in the public eye. His work doesn't come cheap, but his skills are the top of the line, and through words, not violence, his failure rate is minimal. After a period of inactivity, Yugo is back on the job, to help negotiate the release of a hostage in Pakistan. With harsh terrain and deadly enemies before him, will he survive long enough to save the hostage, and return with his life?

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Rbastid's avatar by Rbastid on Jan 26, 2013
Score: 3.5/10

Yugo the Negotiator seemed like a decent series due to its unique story, but it really just became apologist hogwash and a waste of time. Story - 2/10 So Yugo is, you guessed it, a negotiator.  He tries to free hostages around the world, yet in the series we see him free only 2, and hear about little else he's done, despite being a guy who people pay huge sums for and search out. The first... read more

ZetsubouKaiji's avatar by ZetsubouKaiji on Oct 12, 2013
Score: 8/10

Yugo the Negotiator has a pretty simple premise, hell it's right there in the title. Yugo takes on various dangerous jobs where he need to mediate conflicts using all of his negotiation skills. However, the way the two arcs unfold are anything but simple as Yugo has to navigate through the tangled web of motivations of the parties involved in the negotiation which makes each arc more complex and interesting to... read more

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