Custom Lists

  • Bleach
  • Black Cat
  • Attack on Titan
  • Area no Kishi
  • Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai.

Top Rated Anime by essagierc

My favourite, top rated anime.

  • Amaenaideyo!!
  • Akikan!
  • Air Gear
  • Accel World
  • Absolute Duo

All animes I have ever watched! by Diddiken

Plis leave tips to new animes! (I need a life...)

  • Naruto
  • Parasyte -the maxim-
  • Bleach
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Fullmetal Alchemist

TOp 10 by GokuFiend9000

favorite anime

  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Blue Exorcist
  • Blood Lad
  • Air Gear
  • Fairy Tail

Best anime for Kids age 8 - 14 by casandra29

If you wish to teach your kids appreciation of your favorite pastime. Here's some suggestions to start with. They are not in order and suggestions are welcome! I will put things about each that may...

  • Norn9
  • Bakuman.
  • Chihayafuru
  • Hyou-ka: You Can't Escape

Watch 100 Animes in 2016, I can do it! ٩(◕‿◕)۶ by linlindarlinggg

I'm challenging myself to watch 100 animes in 2016! List contains animes I've watched this year / going to watch. Wish me luck!

  • Diabolik Lovers More, Blood
  • 5 Centimeters per Second
  • Himouto! Umaru-chan
  • Elfen Lied
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Anime I DONT like by kagamineRIN

These are anime that I can't stand, or just don't like to watch...