Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

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Ever since Yugi Mutou completed the Millennium Puzzle his life has changed; he's made friends, learned how to play the card game Duel Monsters and has gained more confidence in himself. After his grandfather is beaten in a duel he is challenged by Seto Kaiba, ranked number two in the world, but Yugi beats him regardless. Now, as a result of his victory, Yugi has attracted the attention of the game's creator, Pegasus. Yugi is then challenged to a dual in an alternate reality where magic brings the monsters to life, but is beaten and his grandfather's soul is taken. In order to retrieve it Yugi must now participate in a tournament against the best duelists in the world, defeat the game's creator, and learn more about the secrets within his Millennium Puzzle!

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SatisfactionGirl's avatar by SatisfactionGirl on Feb 18, 2011
Score: 8/10

Yugioh! Duel Monsters is one of my very first animes that I had watched. It's hard for me to say negative things about it. But I have to be perfectly honest, I loved the show, but it had it's moments where it went down the gutter. This is a review for the Dub: Story: It was enough to keep me interested. I liked Season 5 more than anything though, because Atem had priests, just like in the... read more

CammyG's avatar by CammyG on Feb 3, 2011
Score: 7/10

Yu-Gi-Oh was one of my first anime and also one of the first manga series I read, while it may sound embarrassing, I am not afraid to admit that I still read the manga to this day. But this is a review of the anime so I should probably focus on that. Upon rewatching the first series over the past couple of months, I can say that the cracks are showing in one of my favourite series. The story is nothing special... read more

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