Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time

Alt titles: Gekijouban Yuu Gi Ou: Chou Yuugou! Toki o Koeta Kizuna

Movie (1 ep x 49 min)
3.338 out of 5 from 1,893 votes
Rank #2,261

In the future, Earth has become a desolate wasteland where few remain. One man, Paradox, is on a mission to save the future by travelling through time and destroying the source of this widespread destruction: Duel Monsters. After stealing several prominent Dragon-Type monsters throughout history and causing massive devastation in several time periods, Paradox has antagonized and inadvertently assembled three of the greatest duelists to ever draw a card: Yuusei Fudo, Judai Yuki, and Yugi Motou, the King of Games. Now, the trio must challenge this imposing foe to save their world in a tag-team duel that spans the ages. But will a bond of friendship forged across different eras be enough to defeat someone capable of such terrible acts? It’s time to duel!

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FotacienShado's avatar by FotacienShado on Jun 21, 2012
Score: 4/10

I've never been too fond of people defending the old due to the narrow mentality that everything pos-modern sucks, however, I choose not to have watched GX or 5Ds of the yugioh saga because of the fact that the cliche representations of good versus evil just outweight the regular cardgame, as it nearly did with the oriiginal. The story sucked due to its quick-paced slap-in-the-face telling that made everything... read more

kilimow's avatar by kilimow on Aug 3, 2011
Score: 8.5/10

Story Unfortunately, like the other Yu-Gi-Oh! movie, Pyramid of Light, this one only ran for forty-nine minute, which I felt was a bit short for the story to develop too much. It's a great movie, don't get me wrong, but it seemed a little rushed and had so much more potential. The dialogue, as usual, is a little long-winded and can break up the action a bit, but it at least stays in character. Some things... read more

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