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Alt titles: Ancient Book of Ys

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The distant land of Esteria, once known for its magic and beauty, has fallen under siege by a demonic force. Meanwhile, Adol Christin, a young swordsman from Promarock, sets off on a journey to find Esteria. For fame? Fortune? Neither, it seems. Young Adol travels because of a feeling, a feeling of great importance that tells him to find Esteria for an unknown purpose. Now, with danger around every corner and demons at every turn, Adol must search for the six books of the lost empire Ys in an effort to save Esteria from evil forces, as well as to save the world itself!

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Ys II OVA 1992 TBD
Name Role
Tetsuya ISHIKAWA Character Design
Jun KAMIYA Director
Fujio SAKAI Producer
Norimasa YONEKAWA Producer

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Main Characters

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Secondary Characters

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Title Author Score Date
Ys Otaku108 5/10 Dec 23, 2009
Ancient Book of Ys Otaku108 5/10 Dec 23, 2009
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anime order every 10th round YamiRin 1180 Jan 20, 2014
Hyunnie's Watched List yenlin 1715 May 12, 2013
Anime2 rixon123 589 Apr 26, 2012
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Mugetsu11 watched Ys at 7 of 7 episodes
Mugetsu11 watched Ys at 7 of 7 episodes
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  • OVA (1 ep x 50 min)
  • 1991

In a mystical land filled with magic and monsters, eager adventurers scour a ten-floor dungeon in search of fame and fortune – if they are able to escape with their lives! But none dare set foot in the tenth floor, as a powerful foe will make sure that they never return to the light of day: the evil Werdna, a wizard who stole an amulet of immense power. Now, to aid a beautiful woman, a group of skilled warriors must descend to the tenth floor to find the woman’s lost love, and to take back the amulet from the hands of evil!


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Both anime involve collecting treasure, fighting lots of monsters and bad guys, and saving the day at the end. The animation is very similar to each other as well. If you liked one you'll like the other as well.