Alt titles: Ancient Book of Ys

OVA (7 eps)
2.673 out of 5 from 615 votes
Rank #3,803

The distant land of Esteria, once known for its magic and beauty, has fallen under siege by a demonic force. Meanwhile, Adol Christin, a young swordsman from Promarock, sets off on a journey to find Esteria. For fame? Fortune? Neither, it seems. Young Adol travels because of a feeling, a feeling of great importance that tells him to find Esteria for an unknown purpose. Now, with danger around every corner and demons at every turn, Adol must search for the six books of the lost empire Ys in an effort to save Esteria from evil forces, as well as to save the world itself!

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Otaku108's avatar by Otaku108 on Dec 23, 2009
Score: 5/10

Story:There's some meat to this story but it wasn't anything to be wholly impressed with. I enjoyed it for it's simplicity and generally well scripted plot. At only 7 eps things move along quickly so it's not something that gives you a chance to get bored with.Animation:What can I say, this was your typical late 80's horrid anime; repetitive, poor congruency, and largely forgettable.Sounds:There wasn't much to... read more

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