Yosuga no Sora

TV (12 eps)
2.843 out of 5 from 8,691 votes
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After losing their parents, twins Haruka and Sora travel to the countryside to start a new life. The two soon meet new friends in the shrine maiden Akira, wealthy Kazuha and well-endowed Nao, amongst others. As the days go by, Haruka learns more and more about the new ladies in his life, all the while being a patient confidante and good friend, leading him into their hearts, as well as their loins. Meanwhile, Sora can't help but have a recurring memory of her brother kissing her as a child…

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maladox's avatar by maladox on May 31, 2012
Score: 9/10

you see a lot of people call this anime out on being a hentai with a sh*ty story to go with it; of course there is always that taboo problem with incest that turns people off.

*showing to a friend of mine, first episode, everything going good until...*
"ewww! they kissed that's nasty! they're siblings! what are you showing me?!"

i might feel this way because i don't have any sibling... read more

darkdante14's avatar by darkdante14 on Jun 15, 2013
Score: 3/10

Warning: May contain rage, sarcasm and some adult words. Let’s make one thing clear - it’s an incest anime.  If the idea of incest genre even slightly makes you sick, stay away from this anime. It’s a hardcore incest between 100% blood-related twins not that cheery “we’re not related by blood” ecchi comedy that Kiss x sis was. Furthermore, it’s an ecchi... read more

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