Yondemasuyo Azazel-san TV

Alt title: You're Being Summoned, Azazel

TV (13 eps x 12 min)
3.757 of 5 from 2,436 votes
Rank #1,546

Rinko Sakuma thought she was working for a regular detective agency, but two months into her new job she learns that her employer, Akutabe, is actually a demon summoner who calls creatures from the depths of hell to carry out revenge for his clients. Rinko’s first experience of a demon comes in the form of Azazel, a devil whose power is to incite lust in return for an offering of food. Unfortunately, as if being harassed by the flirtatious demon isn’t enough, Rinko has been forced to into signing a contract with him for eternity! Now the innocent office worker must work with Azazel, the fecal gourmet Beelzebub and a whole host of equally deranged devils to complete jobs for the agency; though with the demons' habit of bungling tasks and making the situation worse, it won’t be easy...

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ak72 Sep 4, 2015
Score 9.5/10

This anime is great for you if you like crude comedy (rude,unappropiate). Do not let the cover for this anime fool you, yes the poster looks like it might turn out to be a childish anime, however it is the complete oppoiste. Yondemasuyo is extremly funny from the first to the last episode. It revovles around a woman who is an intern at this detective agency which uses demons to solve their cases. The woman... read more

arkanox's avatar
arkanox May 12, 2012
Score 5/10

This series combines slapstic comedy with gallows humor to a mostly pleasing result. The show is more of a sitcom with no overarching story per se. I found the majority of the epidodes amusing.  read more

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