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Fuuka may have the voluptuous body of a well-endowed twenty-year-old girl, but in reality she’s only a fifth grade student. After her mother goes overseas to work, Fuuka moves in with her relatives – including the masturbation-obsessed, eighteen-year-old Jiro – and begins attending Tonbori Private Elementary School. Between meeting new friends such as Miki and Kenji, Fuuka finds herself learning about lingerie clubs, the best way to put on a swimsuit, and when it’s not a good idea to walk around the house naked. For a typical elementary school student, Fuuka’s not-so-typical body helps keep every day a new adventure!

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west3lee's avatar by west3lee on Dec 13, 2011
Score: 3/10

  This is a fan-service comedy that you can live with out seeing. Almost all the episodes start off in the shower with a nude Fuuka so you can fast forward past the first 2 Min. and not miss a than. The rest is some low-quality jokes about how Fuuka is too innocent to know guy are lusting after her. All and all you are better off finding a different anime than these one to spend your time on. read more



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