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Fuuka may have the voluptuous body of a well-endowed twenty-year-old girl, but in reality she’s only a fifth grade student. After her mother goes overseas to work, Fuuka moves in with her relatives – including the masturbation-obsessed, eighteen-year-old Jiro – and begins attending Tonbori Private Elementary School. Between meeting new friends such as Miki and Kenji, Fuuka finds herself learning about lingerie clubs, the best way to put on a swimsuit, and when it’s not a good idea to walk around the house naked. For a typical elementary school student, Fuuka’s not-so-typical body helps keep every day a new adventure!

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Name Role
Tadashi SHIDA Character Design
Takahiro OMORI Director
Yugo ISHIKAWA Original Manga Creator

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Yoiko west3lee 3/10 Dec 13, 2011
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Anime list JosG 528 Aug 17, 2010
The worst of the worst gh02t 10 Aug 11, 2009
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Dropped Anime KeyAndKyoAniLover 0 Mar 24, 14
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LeeCZ watched Yoiko at 20 of 20 episodes
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Recommendations if you like Yoiko

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Cyclops Shoujo Saipuu

Cyclops Shoujo Saipuu
  • Web (12 eps x 2 min)
  • 2013

Ever since Hikaru's sister started middle school, life around the house has been uncomfortable to say the least. For his cute little sibling, Fuuka, went through a massive growth spurt, making her exceptionally tall with monstrous breasts to boot. What's worse, the girl is determined to have her beloved brother take her virginity and have a baby with her! Will Hikaru manage to keep his busty sister at bay long enough for her to graduate to high school?

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These two series are two peas in a pod. Both involve an extremely mature child and various ecchi antics/school adventures. 

Ippatsu Kikimusume

Ippatsu Kikimusume
  • TV (16 eps x 4 min)
  • 1999

Kunyan is a beautiful young woman, living alone in her one-bedroom apartment. However, she always seems to find her way into the most unpredictable and narrowly escapable situations that require quick, yet crude thinking and unimaginable body strength and flexibility. Although taking a bath or cooking crab in a steaming pot might seem like a safe and enjoyable activity, Kunyan seems to find a way into some sort of predicament, losing most of her clothes in the process.

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Both of these animes are ecchifan-servicecomedy about girls that can't help but find them selfs in one unpredictable situations afteranother. If you like one you will like the other.

Recorder to Randoseru

Recorder to Randoseru
  • TV (13 eps x 3 min)
  • 2012

As siblings go, Atsumi and Atsushi are anything but typical. High schooler Atsumi is exceptionally small for her age, and elementary schooler Atsushi is abnormally tall with a deep voice, leading to misunderstandings on both sides! Whether Moriyama-sensei gets embarassed by Atsushi's every move, or Atsumi is offered candy meant for children, or poor Atsushi is arrested for being a perv that’s trying to snatch kids on their way to class, this brother and sister duo is bound to have an eventful day-to-day life!

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Both shows are about elementary school kids who just happen to be in adult sized bodies. Yoiko has a girl main character and is way more pervy where Recorder to Randoseru has a male main character and is more lighthearted comedic fun. Check either out if you like young minds trapped in mature bodies getting into all sorts of trouble.

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