Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

TV (13 eps x 5 min)
3.129 out of 5 from 802 votes
Rank #2,671

Step right up and gaze upon tales of horror and wonder, of urban legends and terrifying mysteries alike. From a man who suffers a mysterious accident on a business trip, to a boy who witnesses a horrifying family secret, to even a man who’s certain he’s being watched by a long-haired, creepy woman, there’s plenty of harrowing stories to be told.

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Vaniltea's avatar by Vaniltea on Oct 4, 2014
Score: 8.2/10

We can all agree on the fact that horror anime often fail to actually be scary. Yet, it seems that Yami Shibai does a good job at it.


Each episode consists in a 4-minute short story, always following the same pattern and starting with the narration of a storyteller who briefly introduces us to the characters. We are then rapidly thrown into a seemingly ordinary situation, which... read more

Pratisalva's avatar by Pratisalva on Sep 23, 2014
Score: 8.5/10

Its very unique and interesting but it also has a downside. On the other hand, this is the only anime that provides you a good information about Japan's Horror Stories. You can see that each episode will surprise you and sometimes even scare you. It was made for us horror fanatic and who mostly wants to broaden their knowledge with paranormal. The story is interesting, scary sometimes boring. Its a collection... read more

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