Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Alt title: Wallflower


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All the Animes I've Watchedby doggylue08

Includes commentaries (I'll be updating so not all the animes will have commentaries at the moment)

My watched Dubbed animeby rachelhand

Inc's all seasons & ovas ( that are dubbed ) in some sort of order

My Top 11 Halloween anime! 😱👻☠by amanda575

Different horror, mystery and supernatural anime to watch around this time of year for Halloween, I find that I really enjoyed or found it was very scary and would recommend you to watch from least scary to really scary or just really creepy! ...

Best Shoujo Animesby TrafalgarL

Animes to blush and squeal at. In general, Shoujo animes are based on Romance, Drama etc.

Anime that have been English Dubbed Series Editionby Annie201

Anime Series that can be watched in English.

My top reverse herem ❤by rachelhand

These have been listed in order of enjoyment .. Also the overall anime ( ongoing , Ova , other seasons ect )

My top romantic comedysby rachelhand

Out of all the romantic comedy I have seen here they are listed in order of top enjoyment. this list includes all other seasons and ova related to that anime